Women’s Leadership Motorcycle Retreat Set for This Summer

Connecting motorcycling with professional empowerment

For many women, riding is much more than a hobby. It#8217;s a form of relaxation, a time for reflection#8212;some might even call it a spiritual experience. This July, one company is offering women riders the opportunity to explore the dynamic, fluid role riding plays in their lives.

The Women#8217;s Leadership Retreat, sponsored by Trillium Motorcycle Tours and Events, is a unique event designed specifically for women motorcycle riders. The three-day retreat#8212;scheduled for July 14-17 in Temagami, Ontario, about 4.5 hours north of Toronto#8212;promises to be an enriching experience for women looking to explore the synergy between riding, leadership and empowerment.

The retreat will pair riding with facilitated group activities and unstructured solitary time. The ultimate goal of the weekend, according to Trillium, is to heighten self-awareness, awaken inherent strengths, and allow participants to apply these strengths toward personal transformation.

Participants will stay at Smoothwater of Temagami, a wilderness lodge about 4.5 hours north of Toronto in an area known for its ancient pine forests, fresh air and easy road access—an ideal setting for riding.

#8220;Riding a motorcycle proficiently builds confidence, courage, flexibility, an ability to manage risk, and a sense of adventure,#8221; said Liz Jansen, president of Trillium and a seasoned rider herself.

Often we are oblivious to the role riding has played in developing personal power and leadership skills. Taking time to step back from the voices and needs of others allows us to realize our strengths and apply them to other areas of our lives. While the focus is on understanding ourselves better, we will discover how the relationship with our bikes enhances this.#8221;

Liz Jansen, founder of Trillium Motorcycle Tours and Events, at WRNs Montana office in the midst of a three-week solo empowerment tour of her own last summer.

Founded in 2003, Trillium Motorcycle Tours and Events seeks to create motorcycle experiences that instill a sense of adventure, freedom and community while traveling the transformative road to personal and professional leadership.For more information, contact Liz Jansen at liz@trilliumtours.com, call 519.943.1131 or visit TrilliumTours.com.

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  1. Great article and experience that Trillium must offer. Liz, congrats on your Empowerment Tour last summer. Riding is truly a passion and an escape from the many demands and “pulls” we have on us. We just returned from three weeks, 5226 miles and even though it was a good 24/7 with my spouse, those 150- to 200-mile stints through Arizona, New Mexico and Utah “alone” in my own thoughts, my own tunes, my own moments, were indescribable and so therapeutic! Wishing you success in your business, and safe travels.

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