Women Riders Now President Featured on H-D Web Site

Interview with Genevieve Schmitt headlines women's section

Genevieve Schmitt, the founder of Women Riders Now, is the new featured rider headlining the womens section of Harley-Davidsons Web site, www.harley-davidson.com. The posting includes an interview with Genevieve, a picture, and some interesting facts about her.

Laura Denissen, the person in charge of electronic communication at Harley-Davidson, said, “Genevieve serves as a well-respected motorcycling role model for women. Not only is she a skilled rider, but she has been able to turn her hobby and passion into her vocation. She championed a motorcycle magazine just for women and currently writes for numerous motorcycle publications. Through her work as a journalist and industry figure, she has encouraged both women who aspire to ride and women who want to take their skills to the next level. Harley-Davidson is excited to feature Genevieve as a part of the harley-davidson.com Women amp; Motorcycling section.”

Harley-Davidson has a section of its Web site devoted just to women. H-D executives believe women riders may need a little extra hand-holding to get them started learning to ride. The women and motorcycling section has riding stories, historical accounts, info on learning to ride, and a featured rider interview. Genevieves interview was posted on www.harley-davidson.com on Monday March 13 and will be live on the site for three months. After that, the interview goes into the archives.

Prior to Genevieve, Karen Davidson was the featured rider. Visit www.harley-davidson.com, click on riders, then navitage to the women and motorcycling section. Or click on the link with Genevieves picture on the home page.

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