VIDEO: Line of Popular Heat Shields for Motorcycle Exhausts Expands

More sizes and finishes available to protect legs and boots from heat

By Genevieve Schmitt, Editor

Last March, I introduced you to DEI, which stands for Design Engineering, Inc., and its line of flexible heat shields that attach to a section of your exhaust pipe to prevent boot burns and hot legs. Many of our readers told us they love the product and since then DEI has expanded its offerings to include additional sizes and premium finishes.

video line of popular heat shields for motorcycle exhausts expands DEI
This newest heat shields come in two finishes, Titanim (left) and Onyx (right). The stainless steel frame is bendable to conform to the diameter of your exhaust pipe.

DEI upgraded the construction of the existing DEI Shields by adding more rigidity with a cleaner look. Being flexible, these shields can be adjusted to fit a range of diameters of exhaust pipes. They work great as OEM replacements, over exhaust wrap, or even covering existing metal heat shields for the ultimate protection.

DEI marketing manager Brian Van Koevering explains more about these new heat shields in this video shot on location at the AIMExpo in Orlando last October.

These shields add a custom touch to any motorcycle, from cruisers to sportbikes. DEI also offers a line of exhaust wraps, again to add a custom touch to a motorcycle and prevent heat from burning legs and boots. The product runs around $50 to $60 depending on the size. Visit this link at to learn more and to order.

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