Tips for Track Days

Getting your bike ready

Track days are a great way to increase your riding skills in an environment free of street traffic and other distractions. I use my street bike which means I have to “prep” it for track use each time, including taping over all of the lights.

Some people use Duct tape, but that often leaves a gooey mess. Ive found that painters tape is ideal. Its inexpensive, comes in many cool colors like deep purple and bright blue (see above on the Triumph Sprint ST), and removes easily, without any residue. The trick is to remove it within a day or two and to disconnect your lights so they dont heat up the tape. I remove the fuses instead of unplugging them. Check your motorcycle manual for the fuse diagram and make sure to put them in a safe place and carry some extras.

Diane Ortiz
WRN Contributor

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