Tattoo Art Inspired Riding Apparel

Fun clothinng to wear on and off the motorcycle

Weve got to hand it to Harley-Davidson for continuing to come up with jazzy new styles that keep up with whats going on in mainstream fashion circles. The new MotorClothes are inspired by tattoo art and because theyre sexy, comfortable and cutting edge we think women riders will love them whether they ride a Harley-Davidson or not.

Launched in July, the all-new H-D Ink collection of Harley-Davidson MotorClothes sportswear celebrates this cultures connection to the tattoo with original, wearable art and inked by masters from around the world.

The new Genuine Eagle Hoodie for women features soft-print traditional tattoo art on the front and back and is accented with metallic embroidery, studs and sequins.
The Genuine Eagle Hoodie for women retails for $135.

H-D Ink debuts with premium tees, wovens, hoodies and technical clothing made from the finest fabrics and featuring original designs inspired by traditional and contemporary American Tattoo art. Twenty-three unique limited edition styles, including 14 mens and nine womens are available now with additional one-of-a-kind designs added in the future.

The women#39;s Legendary Mesh Top layers full sleeve, full front and full back art over a sheer tinted mesh.
The Legendary Mesh Top retails for $105.

The brick red, 100 percent cotton Activewear Jacket line offers women a stylish, standout look matched with long lasting comfort. The jacket has embroidered and printed graphics with two front kangaroo-style pockets, drawstring hood and ribbed cuffs/waistband. The Activewear Jacket is available in XS-2XL, as well as extended sizes.

The Activewear Jacket retails for $60.

The new womens Spirited 3-in-1 Functional Jacket is just that – functional. Its a waterproof, 100 percent polyester jacket that comes with a removable, 100 percent cotton hooded vest that can be worn separately. Vents on the sleeves and back allows controlled airflow. Pre-curved sleeves, power-stretch side panels and action back are included for riding comfort. Lightweight, removable body armor at the elbows and shoulders can be complemented with additional armor at the back for added protection, while 3M Scotchlite Reflective Material is used throughout for increased visibility. Its available in XS-3W.

The women#39;s Spirited 3-in-1 Functional Jacket retails for $250.
Additional armor is available for inserting in the back of the jacket.

Visit for more info, or stop by your local Harley-Davidson dealer.

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11 thoughts on Tattoo Art Inspired Riding Apparel

  1. My thought on this is that it’s too bad that all of Harley’s clothing, boots, shoes, etc. are Made in China. That stopped me from buying any Harley clothing or boots.

  2. I love the new Legendary Mesh shirt! When I first received the flyer in the mail, my husband and I both said that I have to get that shirt! So cute! So I looked it up to do a price check, and holy cow! No way am I going to spend $105 on that! What are they thinking?! I'm so disappointed! We're big H-D people, but come on. We would buy way more H-D products, but their merchandise, etc. is so ridiculously priced! They would sell so much more if they'd be more reasonable. It's no wonder they have so much on their sale/clearance racks at the end of each season.

    I agree and disagree with Genevieve. Yes they're good quality, but not that great to charge what they do for a shirt, or everything else. Yes, I have tried their stuff on and have plenty of their merchandise (mainly from sales), but it's not worth what they charge. I mean, even a stinkin' pair of underwear is outrageous! And they're not lasting any longer than a normal pair from Wal-mart! Nor their shirts. Normal to me. Their riding gear, yes, that's good stuff! But apparel? Give us all a break.

    Though I'm very disappointed by their prices they feel they need to charge, it doesn't change our H-D dedicated souls! I just wish we could afford more H-D apparel, etc. more often!

  3. I have to agree with the rest of the women.
    Very nice clothing, but so not worth what they are charging. I was ready to get out my credit card when I saw that first hoodie, then saw the price.
    It is really too bad that Harley charges so much for their clothes. I would have a lot more of them, but I cannot justify spending that much money.
    I hope you will send all these comments along to Harley-Davidson. Maybe they will think about adjusting their prices a bit. I don't think so, but it can't hurt right?

  4. I love the designs, but I agree way too expensive. The H-D name does not increase the value that much to justify these inflated prices. I'm a dedicated “Harley Girl” but not at these prices.

    1. Not to defend Harley, but I've been posting all the comments about Harley's high torices and I want to share this: have you ever seen in person or tried on any of Harley's MotorClothes? The quality is top notch and no more expensive than brand name leathers and apparel you'd find at a top name department store. Harley aims to bring quality to motorcycle clothing. Those who appreciate finer clothing can appreciate the quality and attention to detail that Harley puts into its designs. I have Harley leathers and shirts that have last 20 years — for as long as I have been riding. I'll pay little more for that. Everyone thinks you're paying for the name. It's the quality, I believe.

  5. Harley-Davidson is a great marketer for their clothing and other products. It is too bad it is s expensive. I think Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki, etc., etc. would be very wise to start marketing some “good lookin'” line of clothing for women and keep the prices reasonable. Maybe Harley would rethink charging high end prices for middle of the line (or less) quality clothing. It is nice to be able to dress in stylin' motorcycle wear but not have to break the bank doing it.

  6. Harley has gone crazy with the prices on women's clothing. Some of their stuff is really cute but no longer affordable or justifiable.

  7. Love the graphics and they look like great quality. I'd buy one but I ride a BMW.

  8. The jacket looks stylish, beyond the bad-girl theme of yesteryear, nice to see the hi-viz white, a slimming line to it. Might just buy one

  9. Nice, but are they crazy with the prices, come on guys. It's a $25 shirt at best. And the hoodie, wow, love 'em but would never spend a years worth of insurance on them.

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