Save Money on Motorcycling Necessities

Steal from another activity in your life

Early on I discovered that many of the clothes I wear for my other outdoor sports (jogging, hiking, skiing) can be used for motorcycling. For example, for cold weather riding I never leave home without my fuzzy fleece neck gaiter, the same one I wear for skiing that I bought at a ski shop. Mine is “Turtle Fur” brand.

Genevieve wears her fleece neck gaiter on a cold ride.
Moisture wicking running socks work great in motorcycle boots.

And if youve ever done any hiking or outdoor sports, you know cotton socks are a no-no. Why should it be any different for riding? When I started riding almost 20 years ago, there were no dedicated moisture wicking management socks for motorcycling, so I wore and continue to wear the moisture wicking socks I have for jogging on my feet when I go riding. Now, there is a brand of socks called Tech Sox designed just for motorcycling that Ive written about in our Product News and Reviews (see the archives). Theyre even better than my jogging socks, but at nearly $17 a pair, I only own one. So my jogging socks at half that price are what I wear most of the time.

Genevieve Schmitt

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