SA1NT Moto Women’s Armored Denim Riding Jeans

Women’s Engineered Straight Fit Jean Review

By CareyAnn Mulhern, Greenwich, Connecticut

SA1NT Moto Jeans for Riders

Australian motorcycle apparel company SA1NT Moto has expanded its women’s armored denim collection by adding to its skinny jeans with Engineered Straight Fit Armored Jeans. Combining a stylish design with protection, SA1NT’s Engineered riding jeans are 120% stronger than regular denim and have a CE AA rating at a competitive price. 

Upping my gear game, the SA1NT Moto women’s Engineered Straight Fit Armored Jeans in size 8 fit me like a glove. The jeans fall over my boot tops and don’t drag when walking or ride up when on my Honda Rebel’s footpegs.

SAINT Sa1nt women's riding jeans
I’m 5 feet 7 inches and weigh 155 pounds and usually wear a U.S. size 8 pant. The SA1NT Moto women’s Engineered jeans in size 8 are the perfect fit for me. You can refer to and trust the size chart on the Australian company’s web site.

Comfortable and Fashionable

The mesh pants I often wear in hot weather are bulky. The SA1NT Moto Engineered jeans, on the other hand, are not bulky at all and offer armored protection with comfort and style. Made from stretch-denim, the fit is neither too restrictive nor too loose.

SAINT moto jeans
SA1NT Women’s Engineered Straight Fit Armored Jeans are form-fitting and fashionable. They only come in black and cost $199. I must admit, I feel a bit badass wearing these jeans.
SAINT moto jeans rear
While the jeans look like regular jeans, the cut offers an extra wedge of material to allow you to bend in a riding position. The SA1NT logo is stitched on the back pocket in reflective thread.
SAINT Moto jeans
Inspecting the interior construction of these jeans reveals sewn-in mesh pockets for the CE-AA knee and hip armor. The non-adjustable armor is positioned well and comfortable in place. And removing the armor to wash the SA1NT Moto jeans is simple.

The SA1NT Moto Engineered jean fabric weight is heavier than normal non-riding jeans, which is a consideration if you ride in very hot temperatures. I thought putting them on would be a challenge, but thankfully they just pull on like typical jeans.

SAINT jeans cuff
The length of the SA1NT Moto jeans are long enough so you can cuff them up a little. As a bonus, there’s a wide strip of reflective material sewn in making you more visible at night.

I now wear the SA1NT Moto jeans when I want to be protected for a ride and still look good when I get to my destination.

More Info

The SA1NT Moto Women’s Engineered jeans are available in Australian sizes 6 – 16, which translates into U.S. size 2–12. Refer to SA1NT’s size guide to find the right fit for you. 

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