Riding Lights As Bright as What Police Have

Being safe by being seen

We can finally keep up with the cops! Not with speed, but with safety and visibility. Motolight has been providing auxiliary riding lights to law enforcement agencies for years and has been expanding its line of halogen riding lights to adapt to almost any make and model.

The caliper mounted lights fit on almost any bike with dual disk brakes.

Motolights are halogen riding lights for use on just about any type of motorcycle. These 35 watt halogen MR16 bulbs are available in two different mounting sysems: either on a brake caliper or on the fender. Both systems are available in chrome, brushed, polished or black powder coat finishes. A 50 watt MR16 halogen bulb and a 50 watt MR16 amber bulb are optionally available.

Motolights increase daytime visibility making it easier for oncoming traffic to see the motorcycle, while increasing nighttime visibility for the rider. With its 8-degree beam spread, the halogen bulb enhances your visibilty without blinding oncoming traffic. You can keep them on all the time.

The caliper mounted system is designed for motorcycles with dual disk brakes. The fender mount system is for use on single disc brake bikes with access to the fender mounting bolts on the trailing side of the fork. Mounting kits are included with the lights and include everything needed for easy installation. Motolight also provides easy to read installation instructions for all products on the Web site, making them easy to install.

New Motolights for BMW

By tucking the fairing mounted lights above the fender, these new lights for BMWs look like standard equipment.

Motolight is now making halogen riding lights designed specifically to mount on the fairing of BMWs K 1200 LT and R 1200 RT motorcycles. The fairing mounted Motolights create a sleeker look centralizing all bulbs on the fairing. Right now the BMW lights are available only in black.

Tina Hollaender, owner of Motolight.

One side note: Motolight is a woman-owned company. Motolight offers a 3-year warranty from the date of purchase and the company will replace burned out halogen bulbs for life, for the lights original owner. Check out the “10 percent off retail price” for any active or veteran military, police or fire personnel. Details about Motolight are at Motolight.com.

9 thoughts on Riding Lights As Bright as What Police Have

  1. I have had Motolights on my bikes since 2001.Tina first did my Honda Shadow 750 and I now have them on my Honda Rune in 2004. I wouldn't be on a bike without them. I talk about these lights every where I go an am an advocate of not only the additional lights for day and night running but the excellent customer service I have always recevied from Tina and Rob! A great company with great people!

    Worth every penny!

    Tina – If you read this, Pete and I send our best and hope Rod and Triumph are doing well!

  2. I was lucky enough to win a set of Motolights at Ohio Bike Week in Sandusky, Ohio, in 2008 at the Women's Day event at the Sandusky Theatre. My husband installed them as soon as I got home. I love them! I will never ride without a set of them again. My husband just purchased a new bike and is getting a set for his also. It is true about people not cutting you off. I have noticed a huge difference in that since installing Motolights. Thanks Tina for being so generous in donating to so many different events.

  3. I had the great fortune of riding my '03 Harley Davidson 100 anniversary Softail to the AMA Women's Conference in Atlanta Georgia in 2006.
    It was an amazing three-week roundtrip journey from Sacramento, down to Vegas, up to the Grand Canyon back down through New Mexico, across Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Alabama, to arrive in Gerogia on Thursday. That ride was my 50th birthday present to myself. What a gift I received.

    Friday night at the reception Jenny from MAD Maps called my name as the recipient of the grand prize! Shock and awe, it was nothing short of amazing! In that generous gift package were so many useful and wonderful gifts, boots, a custom made-to-fit She-Moto leather jacket, travel packs, MAD Maps, flashlights, gloves, local gift certificates, cards, etc. Such an awesome gift package I needed the help of friends to carry everything out and box stuff up to ship home.

    All except my Motolights!

    The next day I took my certificate over to their trailer upgraded to the chrome, 'cause there aint' nothing like bling on a bike baby 🙂 waited about an hour and I cannot even begin to tell you the difference it made. They did such an awesome job installing my Motolights they looked like they were a part of my bike, not an add on.

    The best part, the most amazing thing about these lights? While riding back home up to Tennessee, through Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, zigzagging the borders of Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, hitting Hwy 80 across Nebraska, Wyoming, Utah, Nevada into Sacramento…no one, not one person, cage driver, cyclist, rider, whatever — has ever since that day to this, cut in front of me or cut me off. Not once!

    I noticed that one thing the very next day. The peace of mind that brought me riding home. Priceless. I felt safe being able to ride into the night for the first time! These lights lit up the road like day light. After I got home I had the lights hardwired into my system. They stay on all the time, day and night.

    I swear by my bike, I would ride without my helmet, I would not ride without my Motolights. True story!

    1. Thanks for a great testimonial. If you're going for safety, you can't put a price on it. That's what I've always said.

  4. Over the winter, I added Harley Davidson's Halogen Fog Lights to my 2007 Dyna Low Rider. The switch for them is mounted next to my headlight switch. They are an elongated oval shape and mount onto my engine guards and claim to be vibration resistant. I also upgraded my primary headlight from the standard 4 inch to the 5 3/4 inch size and added a PIAA Xtreme White bulb. You can see me coming a mile away.

  5. I'm definitely going to order these for my three bikes, an 07 Ridley Auto-Glide TT, an 05 Victory Vegas 8 Ball and a 99 Yamaha V Star 1100 Custom. 'm also going to convince my husband to add these to his 03 Victory TCD. You can never have too many lights.

    Riding at night on the Vegas is interesting as it is all blacked out. With only a single headlight, it can get a little dicey, the drivers do not see me.

  6. I was wondering about vibration in those locations. The caliper is forever moving and vibrating and the other location under the headlight on the fairing isn't a solid mounting place. I ride to and from the Jersey shore at a very late hour on weekends and the added safety of the lights would be very beneficial but those are my issues. Can you help? What is the cost?

    1. Visit Motolight.com for answers to your questions including price. If you can't find it on their Web site, call them. They're happy to answer all your questions by phone. And tell them we told you to call.

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