Review: Stylish Headwraps that Stay on Your Head

Comfortable, practical durags from DareDevil Durags

By Genevieve Schmitt, Editor

We love to give a shout out to the companies that advertise their products on WRN, and at the time of this posting, DareDevil Durags is the latest headwrap company to showcase their stylish, practical, and super comfortable elastic band “durags” for women and men on our website. Were doing our part by sharing pictures and my review of the headwraps since Johnny and Julie, the owners, were kind enough to send me a few to wear and test.

I asked my beautiful friend Ashly Holland, who rides a vintage BMW — and plays a mean guitar — to model the headwraps for me. Click on the images for a slideshow and to read more about them in the captions below them.

review stylish headwraps that stay on your head bling
DareDevil Durags has hundreds of bling designs, made with rhinestones that stay put after multiple washings. I chose this brownish/orange color to match my brown motorcycle, but there so many designs and colors to choose from.

review stylish headwraps that stay on your head red bandana
Ashly shows off the bandana style red durag. What I like about these Daredevil Durags is that you get the look of a traditional bandana if you want it, but one that stays on your head because of the elastic in the back.

review stylish headwraps that stay on your head elastic
This generous piece of elastic is what helps the durag stay on your head. Its comfortable and fits my small head. This one is made from a soft jersey material. Other styles come in stretch micro-fiber.

review stylish headwraps that stay on your head back elastic
Ashly shows off how the soft elastic band of the DareDevil Durag wraps under her hair.

review stylish headwraps that stay on your bandana
Heres a side view of the DareDevil Durag in that traditional bandana style. The generous material can be pulled all the way back over your head to keep your hair underwraps if you ride without a helmet, or scrunched up to make a thinner headband look across your forehead to combat helmet hair after the ride.

Ive tried many headwraps over the years — those that tie in the back, those that are held together with Velcro — but these headwraps are the best at what theyre supposed to do, which is hold your hair while riding your motorcycle, protect your hair under a helmet, or combat helmet hair after the ride and make you look good doing it.

Prices vary but they start around $29.95 for a bling headwrap. Visit their website at and have fun browsing the designs and ordering online. Theres a video of Julie demonstrating all the different ways women can wear them.

review stylish headwraps that stay on your head ashly
And because I adore her so much, and I think you will too, Im sharing one more photo of Ashly here on her 1982 R 80 RT. This vintage bike took her from Montana to the Grand Canyon and back, and other parts west this summer. Go Ashly!

Ashly is a singer and songwriter for her band, Little Jane and the Pistol Whips. Visit her website, to hear her incredible smooth, sultry singing voice, and to download her songs, albums, buy swag with her cool logo, and to connect with her. By the way, she says I inspired her to ride a motorcycle. Well she inspired me to take up guitar!

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