REVIEW: Ride Like A Pro Book

Best-selling DVD in book form

By Genevieve Schmitt

Im a big fan of the Ride Like A Pro series of DVDs that show riders how to become a better motorcycle rider through a series of fun exercises. Now you can read and look at pictures of how to become a better rider in “Ride Like A Pro – the Book.”

This 151-page spiral bound handbook is well done with lots of descriptive photos and explanations of how to perform the various exercises that help you become a more skilled rider. If youre not familiar with the Ride Like A Pro phenomenon – the riding exercises are the brainchild of Jerry Palladino, a former motorcycle officer, who uses the same techniques he learned to become a top notch motorcycle policeman and has modifed them so every day riders can do them too, and “ride like a pro,” that is be able to do tight turns and slow speed maneuvers like a seasoned expert. Anyone can ride in a straight line fast; its the slow speed maneuvers that separate the beginners from the experts.

The techniques Jerry teaches are proven to work as youll see by watching the video I produced on him and his team of female riders. If youve not purchased the DVD, then get the book. Its a great way to get introduced to the exercises. I recommend getting both the book and the DVD, also reviewed on WRN.

The book also explains with pictures how to pick up a downed bike and how to make a bike fit you properly, so its a great handbook for those just getting into motorcycling as well. For $19.95, you get a lot of valuable information. The price is worth it. To order, visit, or call 866.868.RIDE.

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3 thoughts on REVIEW: Ride Like A Pro Book

  1. I have 3 RLP DVDs and have been using them for practicing my slow speed maneuvers in a parking lot. I was so happy to see the companion book come out. It really helps me to break down the maneuvers step by step and understand some of the dynamics and principles of bike riding. fDoing regular parking lot practices have been the best thing I have done to improve my biking skills. Once I have those skills down pat, I can bike anywhere!

  2. I'm a new rider. I found the slow maneuvering techniques to be quite challenging. I did well in the Harley- Davidson Rider's Edge Course, but in the real world, I've encountered some tricky situations. I'm always looking for good tips to help me become a better, more confident rider. This book sounds like it has some really good tips.

    I ordered it right after I read the WRN review. You haven't let me down yet. I'm sure this book will be worth the money. Thanks, Genevieve!

  3. This is a great serries and the book is a “must own” for all those special moments as your heartbeat slows after almost blowing it. Advanced/Refresher riding classes are another great idea and I've always wondered why the insurance industry doesn't offer rate reductions for riders who take them periodically.

    In California we can take a sanctioned motorcycle rider's class and if passed we only have to pass the written to obtain our Class M endorsement. Their Advanced Rider class is often an eye-opener for a lot of “old pros.” Too old to learn equals ready to die.

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