REVIEW: New Waterproof Boot for Women

Function over fashion dominates

By Perri Capell

When it comes to motorcycle boots, Im from the old school. I opt for safety, comfort and dryness over sexy low-cut leather heels with silver tone trim. My boot choices may be somewhat clunky, but I dont worry about a flying rock chipping my ankle or having wet socks all day in the rain.

Gaerne#39;s Black Rose ladies motorcycle boots may veer on the clunky side, but I#39;ve found they#39;re just the ticket for a rainy outing.

Gaerne is an Italian boot company thats been in business for more than 40 years. Gaerne specializes in off-road, sportbike, and touring boots. The Black Rose boots are Gaernes entry into the womens boot market.

The companys promotional material touts the boots as extremely waterproof. Being a skeptic at heart, I had my doubts. Just about all my motorcycle boots leak if I ride in wet weather for long enough. But my feet have stayed warmer and dryer in these boots than in any others Ive worn. No damp or wet socks after a rainy ride, and no numb toes in frigid temperatures.

Perri has raised her jeans in this photo to show off the styling of the Gaerne ladies boots.

Still, I wondered if I had spent enough time out in the rain to test the boots waterproof quotient sufficiently, so I tried a tougher test. I filled a deep pan with water, and then stood in it while wearing the boots. I stepped out and then got back in and stood some more. Even after this full immersion in water and boy, did I look stupid my socks werent wet.

Shown in position on the footpeg. Perri is astride a vintage 175 cc Yamaha.

Made of black leather with hard rubber soles, its evident by all the details that the company put considerable effort into getting these boots right. They rise to mid calf and are stylish as well as practical. GaerneÕs sizing may run small, because I wear a size-9 shoe but had to get a size 9 1/2 (EU41) for the right fit.


The boots pull on and off via sturdy inside metal zippers. Even with the larger size, they fit me so snugly at first that I worried my feet would get numb on the bike. But a strip of elastic material inserted next to the zipper expands to accommodate different calf sizes, and I didnt experience any circulation problems. No blisters, either.


For warmth and dryness, the Black Rose boots have an inner “dry-tech” liner. This consists of a foam-like inner layer, which provides insulation, plus a water-repellent outer layer keeping away moisture that might seep through the leather. This water-repellent lining is stitched behind and across the zipper so it stops water from seeping through here as well.

The Gaerne has extra leather across the top to prevent wear from shifting and a tough strip of fabric on the outside toe area for added protection.

The thick lining provides added protection for legs, ankles and feet in case of an accident. The boots front panel contains rigid material which protects shins against flying rocks or other hard objects. Extra leather has been added to the spot where the boot makes contact with the gear shift lever and also over each ankle. A piece of heavy synthetic material is stitched over the outside edge of the boots.

Boot sole

The hard rubber sole is ridged for a better grip on the foot pegs. Youll also be seen from behind at night reflective material is sewn above each heel.

The reflective material above the heel of the Gaerne Black Rose boot is visible even in the daylight.

Even with the extra material used in their construction, the boots are remarkably light and comfortable when walking. It helps that the leather around the ankle is stitched in horizontal rows so it bends easily.

The boots#39; horizontal stitching around the ankle helps the leather bend, which makes it easy to walk in them.

The Black Rose boots have an MSRP of $189.99. They come in sizes 5, 6, 7, 7.5, 8, 9, 9.5 and 10. The boot is available at numerous motorcycle products Web sites. For more info visit For a list of dealers, call Gaerne USA in California at 800.426.0213.

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11 thoughts on REVIEW: New Waterproof Boot for Women

  1. This article was very helpful. I have problems with fit and was glad to read comments on whether the sizing runs large or small. Also appreciated the comments on weight and how comfortable they are off the bike.

  2. I don't know if the Gaerne Aquatech is available in the USA (I live in NZ). It is the men's equivalent of the Black Rose (looks like it might be Gaerne men's G. King boot).

    I also despair at the few women's motorcycle boots that are available in larger women's sizes. (dont get me started about being larger than a size 16 and getting gear!). I am on the narrow side of average, size 10 1/2 women's shoe. Gaerne is an Italian boot maker company and and the men's size 9 1/2 (EU 44) is the slimmest fit men's boot I have found.

    It is light and really comfortable (while “doing the business” of keeping my feet and ankles protected. It is not a “fashion boot” but it doesn't look (or feel like) like a boxy ski boot either when I am walking. The flexible ankle allows an accurate angle to sit on my bike and still not be stiff when walking. My purchase is still too new to have checked the waterproofness.

  3. Looks like a great product. Finally, a comfortable, waterproof boot designed for women. However, I'm on the short side (5 feet 4 inches) and need a 2 1/2 to 3-inch heel in order to flat foot at stops when riding my Road King. The option of a boot with more of a heel would be terrific for those of us who need the extra height.

    1. Gypsy,
      You might want to consider adding Harley's Reach Seat to your bike, too, if you haven't already. It's a relatively new accessory – about two years old and brings you closer to the bars and lower to the ground. I have one on my Street Glide.

  4. Love the articles on clothing but where are they in local stores. Have tried the Internet thing and they just don't fit so have to send everything back. When are the local stores going to have a good selection of shoes and clothing for women to choose from, and when are the manufacturers going to make comfortable, good looking gear for us, preferably with protection.

  5. I bought these last week and although they do make my ankles look a bit thick, it is well worth it. Shifting is a dream. I have great traction on the ground whenever I put my feet down (unlike Icon's Bombshell boots!) and, as a lifelong clotheshorse I am completely in earnest when I state that I have never had such warm, comfortable boots as these.

    The arches were a little tight at first but after a few wears they loosened up and now fit perfectly. Oh and these boots are reeeally light, at least compared with what i'm used to wearing. Probably half the weight of my steel-toed Doc Martens, which is what I went with on the bike after the Icon boots turned out to be too slippery.

    And to the lady who thinks these are ugly — tastes differ! I think these are really hot, despite the thickish ankles (which is from the waterproofing insert behind the zippers). They might not look like Robocop in drag, like some of the racing boots do (he he especially the men's)- and it's true, I wouldn't wear these to a fancy party, but they have a lot of — I don't know how to put it exactly, let's call it “Tomb Raider appeal.” They make me feel like a badass. With warm feet. Win!

  6. This was a terrific article and it is exciting to see a quality company develop sometrhing for women. I just bought an Icom woman's helmet and it is great. Now, why can't they have the cool pants for women like the men's?

    As for these boots, my enthusiasm was quickly drowned when I saw the sizes. I wear a woman's size 11 and I can never find decent riding boots in that size. Come on. Lots of women have big feet these days.I am only 5 foot 8 inches. What about all the taller gals? Please don't leave us out!

  7. I thought the article was excellent. I'm looking for both waterproof and cold weather boots. These seem to be the answer for both. Only problem I had was when I went to the company's Web site, I could not find any mention of these boots or find a dealer locator. Maybe my problem with the Web site.

    Thanks for the great information that you provide each month.

  8. Wow, finally a decent boot made just for a woman. I'm so glad that I have WRN to tell me about and give me reviews on these type of products. It seems so difficult to find things for women that are as good as quality as the mens. These will probably be on my wish list for awhile but I'm definitely very interested. One question… are the boots a “heavy” boot — as in weight?

  9. Ugly. Come on! Won't someone please combine fashion and function for women? The selection of riding clothing for women is getting better, I will admit, but when I see something like these boots I feel like we've taken a giant step backwards.

  10. Thank you for the review of these boots.
    always looking for protection and real waterproofing. These will probably be my next boot buy.

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