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I dont ride a motorcycle to build or create an identity for myself. I am who I am whether I ride or not. I dont ride to prove that women are strong, brave and adventurous enough to ride motorcycles. I was those things before I began to ride and I think most women are, whether they like motorcycles or not (and still, the bravest, most challenging thing Ive ever done is raise kids!). Im not riding to help myself heal from anything. I am fortunate enough right now not to have anything I need to recover from. Although I donate time and money to my favorite causes, I dont ride a bike to promote charities or join parades. More power to those who ride for all those reasons, though. Riding a motorcycle can enhance womens lives in lots of ways.

Jill on her sportbike touring through Mexico.

I dont ride in order to meet new people. The opposite is true: I like to meet new people so that we can ride together. I like riding my sportbike, but I dont think that makes me cooler or hipper than people who ride other kinds of motorcycles. Its not an image or an ego-thing its just a choice.

Instead of riding to “escape” reality, I find that riding connects me with reality more directly than almost anything else I do and I like that. Driving a car, I find myself thinking about the place I just left and where Im going to be next, but Im often not really experiencing where I am. On my motorcycle, I am here, now. I witness, watch, smell and hear my environment in the present moment and tune out most of the garbage that often otherwise invades and bounces around in my brain dulling my ability to appreciate life as it happens around me.

I ride because I love to travel and be out on the road. Riding a motorcycle is gloriously challenging, creative, sensually stimulating and most of all, fun!

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8 thoughts on Reader Story: The Best Reason to Ride

  1. I have wanted to learn to ride for a while and have been reading all types of stories and comments about it. This is the first story I’ve read that compels me to post a response. I want to learn to ride so that I can experience the moment and mentally and emotionally be where I am physically…to really FEEL that present stimuli and enjoy every second of it. Thanks for communicating the best reason for learning to ride that I have found, that completely makes sense to me. I can’t wait to get out there.

  2. Thanks Jill for sharing. Your words really resonate with meaning. I ride for the pure joy of riding and experiencing the moment.

  3. Amen! Sing it, sister!

    I don't ride to be an advertisement for any particular brand. I don't ride to be 'a lifestyle'

    Why do I ride? Because I can.

  4. Glad to know someone else out there feels the same way I do.

  5. The other day I took off on my Sportster and was thinking what this was all about. I don't usually ride alone. I'm always with someone going somewhere and this time I was all by myself. It felt so right being there at that moment that you couldn't help but thank God for this experience. I'm 58, 20 year cancer survivor and now going through lung cancer one more time and I wonder how long will I be able to ride. How ever life ends for me, I'm so happy that I've had this experience. Being on my motorcycle just feels right. Closer to a power greater than myself. Thanks, God, for this opportunity.

  6. Thank you Jill! I could not have said this better if I had written it myself. (Except that I ride a cruiser.)

  7. Amen, Sister! Your comments above could be my mantra! I too have nothing to prove, nothing to recover from, no image I'm trying to convey or break away from. I just love Love LOVE being out there on the road! Thanks for putting my feelings into words!

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