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I own a 2006 Harley-Davidson Heritage Softail Classic. I live in the Chicagoland area so I only have limited time to ride. Each year, though, my riding has exceeded the previous year.

Cynthia with her Heritage Softail Classic.

This summer my boyfriend, Derrick, encouraged me to learn my directions by reading maps the Atlas. I started with the map of Indiana and notice a few towns that amazed me. They were towns with my name in it, Cynthiana, Ind., (Cynthia is my first name), Crawfordsville, Ind. (Crawford is my maiden name) and Linton, Ind. (Linton is my ex-married name), so Derrick and I decided to plan a trip to visit these towns. Another great thing Ive learned from riding a motorcycle is the best way to see the country is by using the back roads.

Cynthia in Linton, Indiana.
Cynthia in Cynthiana.

We left home, heading towards Indiana by way of Route 41 South, guiding us to Crawfordsville first. Linton was the next stop down IN-47 to IN-59. We finally reached Cynthiana after driving down IN-65 South. We traveled 289 miles in 9 hours! It was a really nice trip and I cant wait to discover more back roads while riding safe with my guy.

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2 thoughts on Reader Story: Personalizing Your Ride Route

  1. Cute story! It reminds me of the time I was riding with my hubby in the semi across the country. We got stranded for three days in Bakersfield, Calif. at a truck stop. We asked around to find out what there was exciting to do in Bakersfield and without fail, all the locals agreed that “There is nothing to do in Bakersfield!”

    Well, we figured it was just because they had grown up there and took it all for granted, so we rented a car and set out to enjoy all that Bakersfield had to offer. Turns out the locals were right…there really isn't anything to do in Bakersfield! We ended up yard-saling, and to our amazement, we came upon a street named Monica St.! And pretty soon we found one named Weed Patch Highway (my husband's handle on the CB radio is Weedhopper, but most people shorten it to Weed! He lets them think something else, but that's the truth of it!) We have similar photos posing beside our corresponding street signs. Not a bike story, I know, but wanted to share it anyway!

  2. This young lady is very adventurous. This does not surprise me that she would take this journey. She is a beautiful young lady and also a “real daughter.”

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