Reader Story: A Poem “For My People”

An ode to motorcyclists from a woman rider

By Gidget Reedy, Portland, Oregon
“For My People”
by Gidget Reedy

This is for my people;

Motorcycle enthusiasts and owners everywhere,
Living to ride and riding to live, learning what brotherhood really is;
Learning the terrain from choices made at forks in the road,
United whether they are riding solo or packing a load.
This is for my people;
Dressed in chaps and gloves, and boots and vests, with helmets and rain gear,
Who wear bandannas on their face like robbers in the night;
All clad in leather riding against the wind and rain,
And cold and fog, and did I mention rain?
This is for my people;
Ladies of Harley everywhere, knees in the breeze and wind in their hair,
Women riding independently but united by a passion for our bikes,
A motorcycle convoy of women riders feeling empowered by numbers,
Riding for tranquility; surrounded by friends that become family.
Gidget Reedy on her Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

This is for my people;

The warm sunlight on your face, and long windy roads of scenic beauty,
Feeling nothing but freedom; freedom from work, and from spouses, freedom from family;
And from the children’s daily demands, letting each bend in the road take you farther away,
And yet closer to nature and yes, Freedom.
This is for my people;
Who volunteer before being asked; to be escorts in parades, compiling and delivering toys for tots, taking the kids at the MDA camp for rides on the trikes, high school athletes that hitch a ride into stadiums when they win the state championship, and retirement homes that enjoy our company, hosting poker runs and fundraising for nonprofit groups and charities.
This is for my people;
That are security at local motorcycle events; who wear our chapter patch with pride, and collect pins from runs and state events like grown up girl scouts, and fly the flags on their motorcycles,
As we parade through the countryside smoothly, like an orchestrated symphony, and people turn to watch the noisy rumbling as we confidently ride our iron horses to our destiny.
This is for my people;
Who don’t realize what they mean to me, always ready to help a fellow rider in need,
Searching maps for the most scenic and untraveled route, because they know that four wheels move the body, but two wheels move the soul, and my fellow HOG members physically here or not; who most definitely touch my heart and my soul. I love you all dearly and I will always,
Ride with you, in front of you, behind you, next to you, and for you!

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7 thoughts on Reader Story: A Poem “For My People”

  1. This was a great poem…comments are not needed! If it is what you feel then say it. I am a newbie. I have only driven 1500 miles so far and love it. I started out on a Honda Rebel 250 and now have a Honda Shadow 750 that I feel I am having to start over on it. I think your poem says what people won’t say but are thinking. It’s amazing to me how many people open up to you when you tell them that you ride a motorcycle. You meet the most amazing people. Does not matter the make, model, size or color of the bike.

  2. Great poem, Gidget. Has us longing for an early thaw. Hope you don’t mind, we linked to this on our Facebook and Twitter. Happy riding!

  3. Thank you Gidget. Many of your words could have been mine. There’s nothing like motorcycling and for a woman, riding your own brings those feelings to another level (whatever brand you choose to ride). I find it absolutely intoxicating to be on a day ride or a long awaited vacation with non-specific plans of thousands of miles. The personal accomplishment and the no-one-can-bother-me-at-the-moment truth that comes along with every mile. I so thank my spouse for supporting me to ride my own. I thank God I have the ability to continue with this “hobby” that has become a huge part of my life. I pray for everyone’s safety, and encourage every girl, wife, gramma, colleague to do it. Do it for yourself….now.

  4. I ride a Honda, so I guess I’m not one of your people? To me it’s about riding with like-minded people, period-not what you ride. You should get out more and meet people who ride other kinds of bikes, we are pretty nice people too.

    1. I do believe she starts out the poem with “This is for my people; Motorcycle enthusiasts and owners everywhere…” Let’s not be so sensitive that we miss seeing that she is including all riders.

  5. Thank you Gidget Reedy for taking the time to write this poem for all women motorcycle riders everywhere.

  6. Who can comment on a poem? A poem is subjective like art. You either like it or you don’t. You either can relate to it or you can’t.It’s hard to capture what women feel when they’re out there on their bikes, whether their bikes are cruisers, sportbikes, dirt bikes or mopeds! This was a take on the laid-back cruiser lifestyle. She doesn’t speak for all of us. Not all riders think this way…some of us like dirt, some of us like racing, so, not all of us will relate. It’s a choice. Thank God for America where we have choices! Although, it’d be fun to read a poem about dirt or one about going so fast you don’t have time to think or reflect, just react! Hooah!

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