READER MOTORCYCLE REVIEW: 2009 Harley-Davidson Dyna Low Rider

By Ruby Chung, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Ruby's height: 5 feet 4 inches
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Ruby on her 2009 Dyna Low Rider.

The Harley-Davidson Dyna Low Rider was made for those with a shorter frame. One doesnt sit on top of the bike, one sits comfortably in it, almost hugging it, becoming part of the bike (which is a very secure feeling).

I tried out many other Harley-Davidson breeds, deciding against the Sportster because of its light frame. Santa Fe can be a very windy city during the beginning of the year. The Softails and Touring bikes, on the other hand, were just too clunky for a beginner like me.

The low-seat factor, along with the weight,played a big part in my choosing the Dyna Low Rider.I felt confident that I would be able to push her in and out of a parking lot without hitting the gym first. I also loved the amount of chrome that was already on the bike.

We live off of two miles of dirt road, and my Dyna handled the uneven surface with grace. I was pleasantly surprised by her behavior, as I had been dreading riding this particular stretch of road.

Once on asphalt, she was Black Beauty come alive. She trotted for me as we pulled up to stop signs, with no jerky movements in her clutch changes. She galloped with ease with a slight twist of her throttle. She was an eager pony, willing to please my every command. I immediately began to understand what it meant to be one with a bike. My Dyna had quickly become my friend, gracefully maneuvering through curves while I leaned into the road. She never made me feel uneasy or scared; instead, my confidence level grew with every mile we covered.

Ruby added the engine guard and the windshield to protect herself from the winds of New Mexico.

An engine guard was my first aftermarket purchase. I laid my bike downat a complete stopon the first day I got the guard, her front wheel turned all the way to the right. Using the techniques I had read about, I managed to lift her all on my own. Having the engine guard not only saved on scratches, but aided in the lifting.

A windshield is a must if you dont want your chest constantly being hit by oncoming wind. I also plan to purchase saddlebags and upgrade my seat so that the bike is further enhanced for long-distance riding, which I intend to venture upon alone and with friends. I will also purchase the wireless communication kit so that my partner and I can communicate safely without weird hand signals.

All in all, I do not have any negatives on the bike. I suppose I wish that the turn signal buttons were larger and easier to reach, but that is just my personal preference.

WRN has reviewed a gadget that helps a rider reach turn signals. Check it out here.

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7 thoughts on READER MOTORCYCLE REVIEW: 2009 Harley-Davidson Dyna Low Rider

  1. Glad you’re enjoying your Low Rider. I got one for Christmas in 2005 and she was a good bike through Florida, and a big trip through the Ozarks. Did some motor work: Stage 1, Python mufflers, lots of chrome. Custom color of turquoise and sand. A big T-bag did the trick for packing. Fun to ride.

  2. I have the 2007 Low Rider in the custom colors of Dark Green Envy and Light Green Envy. Only 61 Low Riders were produced worldwide in my color combo. I concur with everything Ruby said she loved about her Black Beauty.

    I started out with a Windshield, engine guards, Reach Seat plus had it lowered by 2 inches. The “bling bug” bit me bad. Over the last two winters I've added most of the items in the Dyna section of the Parts Book. I added new grips, larger mirrors, bigger headlight with PIAA high visibility bulbs, engine guard mounted halogen fog lights, diamondback cables, chrome swing arm, chrome inner primary cover, chrome luggage rack, sissy bar, chrome sprocket, chrome chain guard, chrome engine/trans/oil cover, full chrome hand controls and levers, chrome bolt covers, and a new Vance and Hines Double Barrel exhaust system just to name a few. She's a sight to see when the sun catches her.

  3. Ruby, nice choice! I am the proud owner of a 2006 Low Rider. Seat height was a factor in my decision. Besides adding the engine guard, windshield and Harley-Davidson hardbags, I have kept her stock. I rode from Calif. to South Dakota last year and she rode like a dream! I used to live in Santa Fe. You have some beautiful roads to enjoy.

  4. I own an 07 Low Rider, blue suede and black. I opted for the solo seat knowing I would not be riding two-up. I also lowered the shocks and had the front end lowered slightly.I installed a Lindby bar for an engine guard. In my opinion, it adds a more interesting look to the bike. I am enjoying my ride. We haven't been out much lately because of the weather, but I am looking forward to more riding time.

  5. I have small hands too, and I just purchased the Thumbnail Turn Signal Extensions through WRN, and boy, do they work great! I love them so much I am going to give them to my three friends that are going to buy Harleys soon!

  6. I love my Dyna Low Rider too. I have a 2007 suede blue/black combo with windshield, engine guard, and bags. Which touring seat are you looking at?

  7. Way to go Ruby! I am very impressed with your ability to pick up your bike after dropping it. Been there, but had to have help picking up mine and it is just a Sportster. Keep riding and enjoy life. It is way too short to do otherwise.

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