PRODUCT REVIEW: Uhl Art-Inspired Tees

Not your average T-shirt

By Genevieve Schmitt, Editor
OK, full disclosure right off the bat: I’ve been a big fan of artist David Uhl since I first met him nearly 20 years ago when he started painting Harley-Davidson-inspired images. I still kick myself to this day for not jumping at the chance to buy one of his limited-edition giclées of “Ruby,” one of David’s most recognizable works of motorcycle art, at the opening price, because now all editions are sold out and have skyrocketed in value. I do own three of his other pieces, paintings that inspire me.
For the last few years, David has been working on designing his own line of apparel, including T-shirts, tanks, hoodies, and moisture-wicking neck gators (like the ones contestants wear on TV’s “Survivor,” called a buff). Here are the two T-shirts I received to try out and see how they feel and fit.
This extra-long T-shirt is called the “Artifact.” It has blanket stitching on the sides and sleeves for decoration. The dark-brown Uhl logo is made of velvet. I’m wearing a size medium.
This “Kruhl 2BKind” waist-length tee is a black, brown and mineral wash of colors. I’m wearing a size medium.
The left sleeve of the Kruhl tee has this cute devilish figure.
Amber-colored foil accents adorn the Kruhl tee.
The back of the extra-long tee has this dragon motif on it.
There are a lot of cool designs for this neck and headwear, but I chose this one, not so much for the scantily clad female figure but because I like the color.
When it’s worn scrunched around my neck, you don’t see the design anyway.
These T-shirts are works of art. David Uhl and his team artfully created each one of these designs and applied them to 100-percent cotton tees that are the softest of cottons. These are boutique-style tees adorned with eco-friendly ink. Everything is made in the United States, with prices reflecting all of that high quality. But you can’t think of these as your average T-shirts. They are designer tees with a fit that flatters (don’t I look good in the shirts!) and high-end craftsmanship from the collection of a notable motorcycle artist.
I washed the shirts in cold water, turning them inside out, and they maintained their integrity. There are no annoying labels on the neck; rather, the washing instructions are screened into the inside of the shirt. I opted to hang-dry them instead of putting them in the dryer on low as instructed. I then took a warm iron to the insides, flattening out the wrinkles.
This tee is long enough that it can be worn with a pair of leggings or with bare legs as a mini-dress.
The devilish figure on the sleeve of this shirt contrasts with the pinup angel on the back of the shirt.
The long tee is $64, the short-sleeved shirt is $60, and the head/neckwear is $24.99. These are the higher end shirts. There are some that start around $20. You can browse and buy online at Check out David Uhl’s entire line of work at

3 thoughts on PRODUCT REVIEW: Uhl Art-Inspired Tees

  1. Great work. I’m not a t-shirt fan because of the usual sloppy fit. Appreciate the fact that you’re wearing someone’s art, versus the mass produced poor quality clothing out there. I make most of my own with the color schemes to match my motorcycle. If not made by me, its Made in the USA. More expensive? Sometimes. So skip the fast food meal. Buy American!

  2. I saw this line at the V-Twin Expo and instantly fell in love! Beautiful designs, high quality construction and so soft. I didn’t purchase any for my shop because of the higher end retail price, but I did pick up one for myself and wear it every chance I get. Someday I hope to carry this line!

  3. I have several of his shirts from Daytona Bike Week this year. His work is awesome. I also bought several for my husband while we were there. We get a lot of comments on the shirts. Glad to see you reviewing his work.

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