PRODUCT REVIEW: Dannaband Hair Accessory

No slipping off your head

By Laura McCarthy, Editorial Assistant

We received a lot of hair accessories to review this year; the latest is the Dannaband, a scarf type hair band that can be worn under a helmet to prevent fly-away or tangled hair, or after wearing a helmet, solving the problem of what women riders can do with their hair after going on a motorcycling ride. The Dannaband, a play on the word bandana, can be worn several ways, but because of the elastic in the back (as opposed to a knot) it always fits the same without adjusting, resizing or tying.

One of the founders of the Dannaband is an avid motorcyclist.

For me, I always hate how the knot I tie to keep a bandana on is too tight and puts my hair in knots in the back. The Dannaband is not a traditional bandana; you dont have to worry about getting your hair caught in the knot, or the knot slipping. The elastic at the back of the Dannaband stays in place and lets your hair lay flat in the back.

The Dannaband in two different cotton styles.

What began as a simple idea for a girls hair accessory has evolved into a product for women. The Dannaband comes in many different fun patterns, and except for the sport collection, are made of cotton. The sport collection, which is temporarily out of stock, was my favorite because its made from a polyester wicking material. The cotton ones are nice, too.

The Dannaband can be worn as a wide headband to cover your hair under a helmet.

The Dannaband comes in two sizes, medium and large. The medium fit me fine, but Genevieve found the medium too big for her small sized head. Because of the elastic back, you need the Dannaband to fit snug so it doesnt slip around on your head. Unfortunately, medium is the smallest size available. The Dannaband is a nice alternative to your average doo-rag or bandana.

For more information about the Dannaband and to order online, visit or call 203.676.3906.

4 thoughts on PRODUCT REVIEW: Dannaband Hair Accessory

  1. Dannabands now come in size small. Check out our Web site, We are working on the “Mannaband” – stay tuned!

    Thank you Genevieve and Laura for trying out our product!

  2. These look great! I find myself in the position I was in years ago as a single parent when clothes shopping with my kids: walking through the racks of kid's clothes and wondering why they didn't have some of this stuff for adults!?

    I get that same feeling when viewing a lot of products and ideas here: why isn't some of this stuff available for guys!? Cross-pollination of ideas is a good thing!

  3. This is my favorite style of head wrap. Harley- Davidson offers limited cotton colors in this style and one size fits all. Great to know now there are sizes and more color choices to be had. Thanks for sharing the info!

  4. These are great. Being a Harley girl I shop Harley stores a lot and they also carry these. Not sure what they call them and I'm sure there's no size but some of them are quite tight and I also have a small head. So Genevieve I bet theirs would fit you and they have many different ones.

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