Panoptx Sunglasses Just Got Jazzier

Cool artwork on frames

Panoptx, the popular line of windblocking motorcycle sunglasses, is introducing a new line called “Seven by Panoptx Limited Edition III.” The new shades feature a bold new “7” logo and detailed tribal and flame inspired artwork on the temples.

The Whirlwind with the copper lens. The Whirlwind has a smaller frame so many women find this style suitable for them.

The series consists of the Taku and Whirlwind frame styles, two of the best selling frames in the Panoptx line. The Whirlwind works better for most women because it has a smaller frame than the Taku. Both Limited Edition models feature a chrome “7” badge and tribal flame design on the outer temple, while on the inner temple youll find more cool artwork. Interesting concept considering the inside temple part of the frame is not seen when the sunglasses are being worn. But its all about making a statement whether the glasses are on your face or folded on a table.

The Whirlwind comes in a glossy black frame with a tattoo-art inspired design on the outer temple and the iconic “knucklehead” motor design on the inner temple. This style retails for $149 or $199 depending on lens type.

“We wanted to create dramatic art that could be worn every day,” said Jackson Hogen, vice president of marketing, research and development for Panoptx. “Taking our cue from surf wear, we put the striking imagery on the inner temple, while decorating the outer temple with a simple, classic logo – a chrome numeral 7 – to further differentiate this special series from the rest of the Panoptx line.”

The Taku, in glossy black, features a subtle red pinstripe design on the outer temple and a giant exploding fireball image on the inner temple. MSRP for the Taku is $99 or $139 depending on lens type.

Both styles offer the choice of the color-enhancing ColorTec Copper lens or the classic 24/7 riding lens, the Day/Night in NXT. The Day/Night lens uses a new photochromic formula that enables the lens to react faster to changing light conditions. The Day/Night lens now darkens to a darker gray tint, making it better than ever for all-conditions riding.

The Taku with the color-enhancing ColorTec Copper lens.

Panoptx sunglasses feature removable foam inserts that fit inside the frame to block wind. They are sold through sunglass stores, ski and sport shops, and authorized Harley Davidson dealers. For more information, visit

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