Orange County Choppers Launches Production Line

Bikes for sale to general public

Orange County Choppers (OCC) is launching a line of motorcycles intended for sale to the general public. It will be called the OCC Motorcycles Limited Edition Production Bike Line and will showcase the same innovation and performance that has made OCC a brand recognized and respected around the world.

The Teutels of Orange County Choppers, Paul Sr., Paul Jr., and Mikey.

“As premier builders in the custom motorcycle industry, the OCC team has built its reputation on a commitment to excellence, innovation and quality,” said OCC founder Paul Teutul, Sr. “This new line will be no exception, allowing riders everywhere to experience the thrill of owning an OCC creation.”

The SplitBack bike.

The flagship of the line is the SplitBack, a limited-production maverick in a category all its own. While most builders simply place the gas tank on top of the frames backbone, OCC took it a step further and designed a tank that wraps around the frame, lending a sexy, distinctive look to a frequently overlooked element. From there, custom razor forks, handlebars, chrome wheels, a 40-degree rake and 240 mm rear tire bring solid styling to the table. Chrome accents throughout and symmetrical rear haloes further enhance the one-of-a-kind look. And, with a custom controlled-suspension seat providing unparalleled comfort, the SplitBack is as easy to ride as it is to admire.

The Web bike

For riders who want something close to a true custom, there is the Web bike. A seamless marriage of traditional technique and modern technology, the Web is a true original. The product of an intricate computer modeling process, the bikes distinctive elements were created using a state-of-the-art, five-axis flow cut system to ensure the sharp, intricate edges that define this look. A sleek OCC razor front end and fat, 300 mm rear tire make the Web a chopper at heart, with the solid handling and neutral balance of a more traditional model. Like nothing else on the road, the Webs unmistakable design and exceptional performance make it an instant icon in the arena of production cycles.

The T-Rex.

Dispelling the myth that production bikes lose their personality somewhere on the assembly line, OCC created the T-Rex Softail. With its large diameter frame and aggressive, 45-degree rake, the T-Rex Softail is a true chopper. A wide, 240 mm rear tire combines great looks with a sure-footed, comfortable ride and the low, custom seat easily accommodates most riders. The right-side drive provides balance and smooth handling, while original OCC wheels and drag bars enhance the classic chopper look. All wiring on the T-Rex Softail is internal, so nothing interferes with the distinctive styling of this unique, high-performance cruiser.

The Greenie.

For riders who love the classics, the Greenie pairs old school style with new school construction, effortlessly capturing the power and attitude of a classic bobber. Each bike is hand-built in the OCC shop using all-American parts, from the lighting to the cylinders to the hand-threaded wiring harness. Solid styling and neutral balancing provides a stable ride and easy maneuverability, while the custom padded leather seat with spring suspension ensures comfort on even the longest rides. And features like custom paint, high-polish chrome and original OCC wheels impart a traditional soul to this undeniably modern bike.

The entire production bike line will be available at select dealer locations across the United States. OCC is actively engaged in the development and ongoing expansion of an exclusive dealer network, comprised of outlets that will provide world-class sales, service and support to every OCC Motorcycles customer, both before and after purchase. his growing network will serve as the backbone of the OCC Motorcycles bike line, creating a solid domestic foundation and laying the groundwork for eventual international expansion.

Looking ahead to 2008, OCC seeks to harness the foreign markets soaring interest in custom motorcycles and create an international dealer and distribution network held to the same high standards as their domestic counterparts, ensuring the availability of OCC production bikes both at home and around the world.

For more information about OCCs limited edition production bike line, or to find a dealer near you, please visit

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