New Rider Looking For Sunglasses That Work On Motorcycles

Can you recommend eye protection that keeps wind out without fogging?

Dear WRN,

I’m a new rider and need help with eye protection. I live in the desert and dont want dry eyes from the wind so I bought Bobster Bugeye goggles, but they fog up immediately. I tried my boyfriend’s skydiving glasses, but lasted a minute wearing those. I tried my girlfriend’s old Harlely-Davidson Wind glasses with the foam coming off. Those were fine for slower riding, but at more than 60 mph the wind gets in under the bottom and my vision becomes blurry. Not a fan of that! My helmet has a flip-down tinted visor, but I have the same wind issues at high speeds. Can anyone recommend a solution or a good pair of glasses that work?

Thank you!
Kim Graham
Soap Lake, Washington

Please post your advice to Kim in the comments below. Thanks!

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8 thoughts on New Rider Looking For Sunglasses That Work On Motorcycles

  1. I lived and rode my harley in Arizona, Louisiana and now Florida. I am little lady so I need little eyewear I found at the Harley dealership. Sunglasses with the foam around the eye really work the best for me but when the foam wears then of course it won’t work anymore! But they are the only kind that I have found that do the job. Good Luck. Hope you find something that works for you and always carry a spare pair.

  2. Morning fog is one of my biggest issues as I’m an early morning rider. If you’re not wearing a full-face helmet (which I would strongly recommend), there are some fog formulas that do OK but as already mentioned do need to be reapplied. I use Z-Clear on my prescription glasses. You can order it online. I have no affiliation with them. Saw it at the last motorcycle show and picked some up.For my full-face helmet, I use the pinlock anti-fog lens on the shield. That is so fabulous it should be standard on every DOT helmet. It also sounds like you get buffeting up your helmet. Again, for full-face helmets there is a chin screen that really works. My helmet is so quiet, it makes it possible to ride a lot longer without fatigue or thinking to myself, “Am I there yet?”I don’t have one, but some of my riding buddies really like the flip-up modulars especially in the summer. You get the benefits of a full-face but can cool yourself off at traffic stops and such by flipping the jaw section up.

  3. I recently got a pair of Wiley X RX glasses. I have close-set eyes and a smaller head so nothing ever worked. There was always a gap by my nose and my eyes would dry out. These work great!

  4. With a beautiful face like yours, please wear a full face helmet. If you want something convenient, get one of those that the whole front lifts up. It will solve your vision problem, prevent others from distracted driving, and most importantly it will save you much heartache should you fall.

  5. I have Liberty Sport with my prescription, from my eye doctor. They have inserts held in with magnets and wind at highway speeds is no problem. They’re not cheap either, but good eye protection is unbeatable.Hope this helps.

  6. I have to use the type with foam padding on the inside and a stretchy head strap. Nothing else seems to keep the wind out. As far as fog goes, you can rub a bit of Barbasol shaving cream on the inside, leave on for a couple minutes, then wipe off with a dry rag. You will need to reapply each day you ride, but it helps. Or get an anti-fog spray for glasses at a Vision Works or Walmart eye center.

  7. Try WileyX eyewear. They make great sunglasses for motorcycle riding and can even do prescription lenses (on some models). They are vented so that they won’t fog up and the foam insert keeps dust out. They come with an adjustable strap that actually snaps into the bow of the glasses and keeps them snugly in place. Mine came with two straps, the adjustable goggle-type, and the typical longer, slip-on strap.They are not cheap sunglasses, but they were definitely worth every penny.

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