New AMA Program Rewards Existing Members

Incentives to sign up friends

The American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) has a new initiative to recruit motorcyclists to join Americas leading motorcycling advocacy organization: the AMA Member Getter program. The AMA Member Getter program provides incentives to existing AMA members to enlist new members for the Association. For the first new member signed up under the program, the recruiting member receives a free cap featuring the AMA logo. For the fourth new member signed up, the recruiting members AMA membership is extended for one year. Also, if the new member signs up for auto-renewal, which includes free AMA Roadside Assistance for no additional charge, the new member also will receive an AMA hat.

“These incentives are a token of our appreciation to those AMA members who are willing to step up and help grow the ranks of the Association,” said AMA President and CEO Rob Dingman. “Our membership needs to grow substantially if we are going to defeat the multi-pronged attacks on our riding rights. Each of us has to recruit more members for the AMA army. The bigger we are, the louder our voice will be, and the harder it will be for non-motorcyclists to take our rights away.”[ad 43]

Any existing AMA member can participate in the AMA Member Getter program. No registration is necessary. The new member simply has to sign up using the form available on the AMAs Web site at The form includes a section in the upper right-hand corner to record the recruiting members AMA number. Members who have questions about the AMA Member Getter program can contact Membership Services at 800.262.5646, or

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