New Products for Summer: Headsets, Phone Mounts and More

The latest accessories to keep you riding in style

Looking to accessorize your bike (or yourself) for the summer? The gadgets and motorcycle-themed apparel from these tried-and-trusted companies may be just what you need out on the road this riding season. Read on for the latest accessories and apparel on the market for women riders.
Rider-to-Rider Communication, Made Easier Than Ever
Just when you thought Cardo Systems was done inventing new ways to communicate with your riding buddies, the innovative company has added more bells and whistles to its state-of-the-art helmet communication system. The new scala rider G9 allows for conversations for up to nine riders, a great tool to have along on those group rides.
The new Cardo scala rider G9 features multiple intercom connection capabilities and wireless access to mobile phone, GPS and MP3 music streaming functions. The sleek, compact headset can be installed in minutes and is compatible with Bluetooth phones, including the iPhone.

The intercom conference mode on the G9 allows conversations between riders up to a mile apart, including four-way conversations between two drivers and two passengers, three-way conversations between three separate riders, and two-way rider-to-rider or rider-to-passenger conversations. The new “One+8” intercom toggling mode enables riders to call fellow G9 riders by voice tag and to toggle back and forth between up to eight other users riding in range. G9 users can also make spontaneous connections to any scala rider G9 or G4 user within range, while the new “Cardo Community” web platform on the device gives users an online venue to plan rides and meet ups with fellow riders. Check WRNs review of the G9s predecessors, the G4 and the G2.

The scala rider G9 is now available at select distributors, retail outlets and specialty shops. For more information, visit
Protect Your Phone from Rain While Riding
Here’s an ideal way to protect your bike-mounted phone or iPod from rain and water. The new eCaddy Ultra universal waterproof phone mount from Leader Motorcycle Accessories is easy to install and has a clean and streamlined look that will complement any motorcycle.
The clear vinyl front on the new eCaddy Ultra keeps phones and iPods safe from water while still allowing the rider to use the device’s touchscreen. To use, simply slide the phone or iPod into the case and close the Velcro flap. Wires can be run out the edge if desired.

The cornerstone of the eCaddy Ultra is the “ultra-swivel feature” that gives the mount unlimited positioning ability, meaning the rider will never have trouble seeing the phone or iPod. This feature also allows the phone or iPod to be mounted vertically or horizontally to accommodate functions like GPS. Meanwhile, the “ultra plate” on the eCaddy Ultra holds everything together, using four holes that “mate” to the back of the waterproof cover, ensuring that the phone will never come loose from the mount.

For more details about the eCaddy Ultra and to purchase, visit Leader’s motorcycle phone mounting guide at

$10 off any purchase of $100 or more. Enter code WRN at checkout. Expires November 30, 2014.

This Summer, Be One of “Those” Girls
Proudly tell the world you’re one of “those” girls with VaVaVroom’s spring 2012 apparel. The “Those Girls” collection is VaVaVrooms signature line—and one of the most popular line of womens motorcycling T-shirts out there—with apparel featuring a woman and a cruiser-style motorcycle that reads, “Im One of Those Girls.” As part of the company’s spring line, the popular Those Girls Ladies Fitted Tee is now available in light pink, as well as in the original black, for $25.99. The “Those Girls” line catering to female sportbike and sport-touring riders has also been expanded to include two new styles—the Relaxed Fit V-Neck Long Sleeve Tee (pictured below) and the Fitted Wide Strap Tank for $29.99.
The new Those Girls Sport Bike Edition Ladies Relaxed Fit V-neck Long Sleeve Tee is a classic, durable tri-blend (polyester, cotton and rayon) V-neck tee in black with hot pink detail. It’s priced at $34.99.
The Urban Legend Ladies Fitted Long-Sleeve Burnout Combo Tee is silk-screened and made of 100-percent cotton-combo sheer jersey with a polyester/cotton blend burnout on the sleeves. Retail price is $37.99.
Also new from VaVaVroom is the Chicago Rides Line, featuring a black long-sleeved tee with silk-screened red stars meant to evoke the riding spirit of Chicago (retail price $37.99). And women riders looking for casual elegance in a riding tee will love the soft burnout cotton lighting up the city skyline on the new Urban Legend Tee, pictured above.
For more information and to purchase any of the items from its spring 2012 collection, visit VaVaVroom’s Web site at

6 thoughts on New Products for Summer: Headsets, Phone Mounts and More

  1. Add my voice to the dismay over people “needing” their phone while riding. Haven’t we learned anything from the cagers who drift into us while texting/talking on their phones?

  2. I strongly feel that having an accessory that mounts a cell phone on the motorcycle is not promoting safe riding. A rider has to constantly be aware of obstacles and surroundings while riding, and looking at a cell phone is an added distraction. Pulling over to the side to confirm a GPS location is much more safer than taking your eyes off the road while riding and looking at a cell phone.Bikers’ insurance rates will certainly go up when accessories like this increase in sales.

  3. I use the maps on the phone when traveling. The other day we were looking for a street and in South Carolina signage is greatly lacking so we ended up stopping and getting the phone out to look at the map. If I had been able to look at it while traveling I would not have had to stop and then turn around and go back. I do not talk on it while riding or driving in the car but the map is very useful.

  4. I really have a problem with any accessories that promote bikers using, seeing or having access to cell phones while riding. It does not promote safe riding practices in any way.

  5. All really cool accessories except the phone mount. Bikers do not need to have their phones in visible site when they ride, and don’t use the excuse I want to listen to my music.

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