Lots Going On

By Genevieve Schmitt

I just returned from a very busy yet informative weekend in Indianapolis at the annual Dealer Expo getting a first hand look at the products youll be seeing in dealerships over the next few months. I will be posting a variety of stories including new product releases to this site. While I have access to tons of information, I weed through everything and post stories I believe you should know about and that youre be interested in.

By being a regular visitor to this WomenRidersNow.com you will have access to information months before it comes out in the print magazines. Plus, most magazines run very limited content and products pertaining to women riders. So what you see here is most likely the first and only place youll read about that woman-rider related information.

This editorial is short because I have lots of news and feature stories to work on. Plus, we have freelance writers developing stories for us that well be posting soon. So stay tuned.

Peace amp; Passion always,

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