Light, Strong, Expandable, and Lockable Semi-Rigid Motorcycle Topcase

SW-Motech Urban ABS Topcase System solves the storage problem

By Tricia Szulewski, Editor

Easy Storage Up Top

Tired of bending over, rifling through a packed dark saddlebag or searching through five different pockets to find that little energy bar, sunglasses, or your gloves? With a rear topcase, you just flip open the lid and everything is right there. Easy in, easy out. It’s also the easiest way to store a helmet on your motorcycle. 

SW-Motech’s Urban ABS Topcase is made of ABS plastic and is semi-rigid, so it holds its shape without the heavy weight of a fully rigid case. Further, its attractive black textured surface is scratch-resistant. And its slim size looks just right either with or without saddlebags or the corresponding ABS side cases.

SW-Motech Urban Topcase
The SW-Motech Urban ABS Topcase holds 16 liters of cargo and can expand to hold up to 29 liters—large enough to fit a full face helmet.

From straps to luggage racks, there are a variety of ways to attach the Urban ABS Topcase to different motorcycles, I ordered the $559.95 system which includes the Topcase and mounts that work with my BMW S 1000 XR’s stock luggage rack. It includes SW-Motech’s ADVENTURE-RACK rack, a strong durable aluminum rack that can fit a number of adapter plates for mounting different luggage systems. You can enter your motorcycle details in SW-Motech’s bike filter to find the best solution for your ride.

SW-Motech Urban Topcase
Once installed, the mounting system allows you to lock the Topcase to the bike. And taking the case on and off is done in mere seconds.

Installing the Urban Topcase

SW-Motech Urban Topcase
The ABS Urban Topcase mounting system is high quality and is an exact fit for my stock BMW luggage rack.

Installing the mounting system takes only about 20 minutes and requires just a few common tools—3mm and 4mm Allen wrenches and a 10mm wrench. I also used blue threadlocker on all the supplied screws for extra security. Here is how easy it is:

Mounting the Topcase

SW-Motech Urban Topcase mount
Mounting the case is easy: just insert the two tabs into the mounting plate which holds the case in place. Slide the sliding tab on the front of the bag (shown here) to lock it in position.
SW-Motech Urban Topcase lock
If you want to keep the case locked in place, you turn the interior locking mechanism which will prevent anyone from being able to move the exterior sliding tab.
SW-Motech Urban Topcase combo lock
SW-Motech includes a small combination lock to connect the two zippers together. Now your stuff is a lot harder for anyone to snatch quickly without a saw or heavy tools.

User-Friendly Topcase

The low profile of the Urban ABS Topcase appears small but you’d be surprised how much you can cram into the expandable case. I easily fit enough clothes for a weekend trip as well as extra gloves and other miscellaneous gear in it.

SW-Motech Urban Topcase
This 16-liter case offers good storage, a carry handle, and a sense of security for any back seat riders.
SW-Motech Urban Topcase
The case’s lid houses a separate compartment with a mesh closure, so you can see what is in there. This a handy place to keep things like sunglasses, a hat, and gloves, so I can find them easily.
SW-Motech Urban Topcase
Storing something big, like a full face helmet, just requires you to unzip the expansion compartment.
SW-Motech Urban Topcase
Then you pull the compartment up and zip it to the lid. There are two integrated straps that allow you to cinch down and compress the load for a secure fit.

Load & Go!

The most Important features of the lightweight semi-rigid bag for me is its secure, lockable mount, and ease of taking it on and off quickly. I have a number of other hard topcases which are all heavy even before loading. The super light weight of the Urban topcase is completely unnoticeable while riding. And carrying this bag, even with a full load, is almost effortless compared to the other topcases I have.

SW-Motech Urban Topcase Tricia Szulewski Women RIders Now
Loading and unloading my stuff is so easy with the Topcase. I’ve learned to keep only my biggest heaviest stuff in the bike’s saddlebags, and all my need-to-get-at-quickly stuff goes in the case.

The Urban Topcase is waterproof except for the zippers, so SW-Motech includes a waterproof softbag with the case that can double as a convenient carrying bag. I use this bag to store clothes that I don’t want to get wet should I get caught in a downpour. It’s a nice bonus from the top-notch German company.

More Info

SW-Motech's Urban ABS Topcase System reviewed here retails for $559.95. The Topcase without the bike-specific mounting system is offered in several options and runs between $202.95 and $342.95. Find out more at SW-Motech.US.

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