Honda Unveils Entry-Level Sportbike for 2011

Beginner riders have more options

American Honda is releasing an all new 2011 model designed for those entering the sport of motorcycling, the CBR250R. “This is really an amazing machine were adding to Hondas list of models for 2011,” said Powersports Press Manager Bill Savino. “The CBR250R is specifically aimed at new riders, yet its packed full of high-tech features and offers great performance, all in a lightweight, affordable package. This new model expands another segment of the market for Honda buyers.”

The CBR250R has a seat height of just 30.9 inches with a curb weight of 359 pounds making this entry level model manageable for most smaller riders.

“Up until now, riders entering motorcycling who wanted a sportbike instead of a cruiser were limited on options,” said Genevieve Schmitt, editor of “Other than the Kawasaki Ninja 250R, there are no other 250cc sportbikes that cater to beginner riders. The Honda CBR250R gives beginners seeking a sportier ride another option.” offers content aimed at women riders as well as new riders and those interested in motorcycling.

The CBR250R is available in metallic black, shown here, and red/silver color schemes. ABS is also available as an option

The 2011 CBR250R is powered by a efficient 249cc liquid-cooled single cylinder engine, an all-new design featuring a sophisticated four-valve DOHC cylinder head, engine counterbalancer, and fuel injection. This lightweight machine delivers nimble handling, a broad spread of easily accessible power and low operating costs all in one. Whether the day calls for a commute to work, quick trips around town or all-day explorations in the countryside, the CBR250R offers riders a new way to get acquainted with the many faces of motorcycling. Pricing will be announced November 12, 2010 with the new motorcycle showing in dealerships in the spring of 2011.

9 thoughts on Honda Unveils Entry-Level Sportbike for 2011

  1. I checked this bike out today by accident. I originally went to the dealership to check out a Kawasaki ER6N or a Yamaha FZ6R and ran into the CBR250. I am a beginner and I am having a heck of a time deciding between a 250 and a 600cc or better bike to begin on. The CBR gets excellent ratings for beginners, but I am worried about “outgrowing” it as many people have advised me. I am not a small woman so I am concerned about riding a “tiny” bike, but I also want to feel confident about being able to control the motorcycle from jump street. Decisions, decisions… Great looking bike though!

  2. Just saw one of these in person today. Looks very sharp, and like the newer Ninja 250s, it takes a second good look to figure out it’s a 250 and not a more middleweight street bike. The person who owned it was very happy with it.

  3. I love the idea of riding a sportbike. I ride my son’s HD Night Rod when I’m in the sporty mood, but I have yet to find a sportbike with a seat height low enough for me to ride. At 5 feet 2 inches I couldn’t begin to touch with a seat height of 30.9. Nice bike, but once again, off limits for me.

  4. I think it’s a bummer that they are marketing this as a “beginner” or “female” bike and shows how crazy we are in the US at times. This looks like a wicked fast track or city bike that would be a ton of fun to have anywhere.If the price point was slightly lower it would be a fantastic option for a cheap sportbike too.I’m surprised at how much heavier it is than the CBR125R available in Canada though.

    1. Just for the record, Honda has not said this is a “female” bike, nor are they marketing it as such.

  5. I have always liked the look of the CBR line. I agree with Nancy, too bad they didn’t make it a bit more powerful. The 125cc CBR is nice looking but way too tiny and this isn’t much better. I think this one would be fun for a short time and you will see lots for sale the same year because even a beginner would outgrow it fast. Wonder what the ABS is going to add in $$?

  6. It looks like a tight bike. Shame it’s a single cylinder, efficient as it might be with a DOHC and fuel injection, single wouldn’t be enough for me, beginner or not. Shame they didn’t opt for a V-twin like the VT250f2d in the early 80s.

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