Heated Gear to Warm Up Your Winter Rides

Check out these “hot” accessories

For cold-climate dwellers who can’t bear to stash away their motorcycles for five months, it’s time to start thinking about how to keep warm out on the open road.

If you’re serious about cold-weather riding, your quest to keep warm will eventually lead you to heated gear. Here are some great options from two longtime WRN supporters, VaVaVroom and Leader Motorcycle Accessories, that will keep you comfortable while riding through the icy months to come.

This Warm Safe Heated Jacket Liner from VaVaVroom delivers serious heat fast using wires throughout, with full heat coverage in the sleeves, front, lower back, upper back, and neck. Available in sizes XS-XL (see Web site for sizing chart). On sale now for $149.95.
These Warm Safe Motorcycle Glove Liners from VaVaVroom are warm, light and thin. They’re made just for women and VaVaVroom says they fit under most winter riding gloves or work gloves. Eleven watts of heat in each glove provide ample warmth. Available in sizes XS-XXL for $59.95.
VaVaVrooms Generation 4 Womens Heated Pants Liners are form-fitting for optimum heat transfer to the body. Heated zones cover the thigh and knee. Antibacterial treatment prevents odors. Available in sizes XS-XL for $185.95.

These Heat Demons Heated Grip Warmers from Leader were designed to look professional and provide a convenient way to set the precise grip temperature without being distracted while riding. Easy to install and fast to warm up. Available in internal and external versions for $149.99.
Leaders Heat Demons Heated Vest is designed to keep you warm and toasty. This unisex vest heats the rider’s chest and back without uncomfortable wires, and the elastic back pulls heat right to the body. A single or dual-port heat controller can be added for an extra fee. Available in two sizes for $134.99.

For more information on VaVaVrooms heated gear selections just for women, visit VaVaVroomOnline.com. Check out DesertDawgs.com for more information on Leaders selections, including seat heaters, foot warmers and more. And remember, Leader offers 10 percent off orders of $110 or more just for WRN readers. Just use code WRN at checkout.

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