Genevieves Journal: Third Installment

By Genevieve Schmitt

In my quest to continue providing the most interesting and useful information to visitors of, I am posting my third installment of Genevieves Journal, an insiders guide to the motorcycling industry. I am making this bi-weekly journal available to visitors of the site for a two-month period during March and April. In May, you will have to be on our mailing list to receive the journal via email every other Wednesday. So be sure to click on the link Get On Our Mailing List to sign up to receive Genevieves Journal and other periodic announcements about the site and the motorcycle industry in general.

Click here to download the March 22 installment of Genevieves Journal.

To download and read the first two installments of the journal, please visit the archives of Editors Thoughts and click on the entry titled Genevieves Journal 3/15/06.

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