Genevieves Journal

An insider's guide to motorcycling

By Genevieve Schmitt

For this edition of Genevieves Journal, my insiders look at whats going on in motorcycling, I decided to just post it on my Editors Thoughts page instead of making it a PDF. Please visit the archive section of Editors Thoughts to learn more about what Genevieves Journal is and how often it gets posted.

I receive just about every motorcycle magazine out there. I want to point out something I thought might interest you. The April issue of American Motorcyclist, the AMAs member magazine, has a great article with lists of reasons why motorcycling is great. Lists include “12 Things About Motorcycle Racing;” another is “11 Tips for Commuting Like a Pro,” and another called “7 Reasons Its Great to be a Woman Motorcyclist.” The list is right on. I especially like this one: The “Oh my God, thats a girl” look. I also really like this one, Youre just one of the guys. Good going, AMA, for publishing a fun list.

While were on the subject of motorcycle magazines, the April issue of American Iron, the publication for which I contribute a monthly column, has a story that might interest you. “A Fight To The Finish” is a bike feature on a woman who built a motorcycle with the help of her partner. She had a big hand in every aspect of the build, including the overall design, and all the choices for parts. I wrote the article and was very impressed with Dawn Norakas, one of several women leading the charge in the custom bike build area.

I was contacted last week by a guy who owns a Web site called He wanted to do an interview with me to promote He conducted a 20-minute phone interview with me and the audio file is posted on Scroll down to my picture and click on the blue lettering underneath that says Genevieve Schmitt of Thats the audio file. Wait for it download. And visit on a regular basis as host Shawn King interviews interesting people in the motorcycle industry. I also see that his wife just bought her first motorcycle so I bet we can expect more info on women riders.

Even thought I posted this as a news item on the home page last week, its worth repeating. Women Riders Now signed on as a sponsor of the AMA Women and Motorcycling conference. Were excited to be part of this upcoming event that celebrates and caters to women motorcyclists. If youve just been kind of watching on the sidelines, now is the time to click on their banner ad on this Web site and visit the AMAs Web site to learn why should attend this life-changing event.

Last week, I attended the International Motorcycle Safety Conference in Long Beach, Calif. I am happy to report that a lot of the panel presentations talked about the growth of motorcycling and how women have contributed to that growth. There was a lot of talk of women as a viable segment of the motorcycle marketplace. I was nice to see female riders get their due recognition.

I also test rode a couple of Honda motorcycles along with WRN contributor Teri Conrad while in California. Look for some new road test articles to appear on our Motorcycle Road Tests link in the near future.

I also want to point out if you havent seen it already on this site, our Samp;S Cycle promotion that kicked off on on April 1. Click on Readers Stories. And Be sure to visit Pioneer Profiles and read Teri Conrads great story of pioneering businesswoman, the co-founder of Samp;S Cycle.

Lastly, I want to welcome two new advertisers to the Ridley Motorcycle, and QLINK. Coincidentally, they both happen to manufacture automatic transmission motorcycles, although they are very different. Be sure to click on their ads to learn more about these interesting companies.

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