Generously Sized Riding Jackets

Girl Gear meets women's needs

In response to her customers telling her that her motorcycle riding jackets need more room in the bust Shelly Reiner, owner Girl Gear Apparel, redesigned her line of textile jackets to accommodate this need. Shelly says, “I am excited about the sizing because it is better suited to fit the chest and front of women. Some of my friends who only fit in mens jackets are able to fit into these sizes.”

Large vents add versatility for all weather comfort.

For 2010 there are some fun bright colors added to the already great collection of colors and patterns. See new jackets below. All the jackets have a waterproof and wind resistant outer shell, with C.E. rated armor in the shoulders and elbows, and a removable spine protector. All the zippers are waterproof. A Thinsulate vest liner is removable. There are zippers at the hips for adjustment. Shelly, a rider herself, added these additional features to the new jackets:

  • Large venting panels on the front shoulders and across the back
  • Highly visible reflective panel on the upper back
  • Embroidered waist belt
  • Pull cords for the venting in the armpits
  • Snap on shoulder to open collar and secure it open while riding (avoid flapping)
  • Zippers at cuff/forearms to open and apply gloves.
The embroidered waist belt is a stylish touch.

The highly reflective panel adds visibility and safety.

Sizes S to XL are measured across the chest from 42 (S) to 48 (XL) inches. Jackets are fairly priced at $180. Girl Gear also makes textile, chaps, moisture wicking socks and cute tanks and tees. Visit

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7 thoughts on Generously Sized Riding Jackets

  1. cant seem to find any link to look into this gear. is it no longer available? i struggle to find jackets because of my chest measurement. id be a size medium if it werent for my chest (32K) most jackets that i can zip up are way too big everywhere else. the waist (mine 28″) is always too loose and the hips (mine 38″) are huge – even cinched right down. the arms and shoulders are just plain enormous. usually the elbow armor hangs off my forearm, and the shoulder armor bulges out on my bicep area. i would just love something that accommodates a female chest (even regular size women seem to be flattened and smooshed

  2. I have been searching and searching for an armored textile jacket that will fit. I have tried mens, but the shoulders and sleeves are too big and the waist is too small. The women’s jackets are not offered in a size that will fit me. Plus size women ride too!

  3. Talk to me when I can find a 4X…in anything!

  4. Sounds like a good idea but I would like to see a jacket on a busty woman with a narrow waist, not just a size 16+ woman.

  5. I wish manufacturers would do the same with leather garments. I'm sick of walking into places only to find S,M,L made for the 20- and 30-something “Barbie the Passenger” crowd. I'm a plus size busty gal who can never find jackets or vests that don't make me look like either a stuffed sausage or a “no hands” because of the sleeve length. Other plus sized gals know exactly what I mean. I want longer styled jackets, vests , shirts and sweaters without all the graphics, glitter or sparkles as well. My bike has all the glitter and sparkle I need or want. I'm a 50's+ bike owner who needs clothing to cover more than my navel. Until then, I'll just continue to suffer shopping in the men's section and seeing a seamstress for alterations.

  6. This is definitely the fit of gear I am looking for to replace my men's gear. If you find mesh gear in a touring length jacket I'm all ears.

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