Gear Review: Sidi X-3 Lei Women’s Off-Road Boots

Quality motorcycle boots that combine comfort, safety, and durability for dirt biking

By Gosia Paszczuk

Dirty Girls

I got into off-road motorcycling three years ago when attending a Dirty Girls riding class by Ruts to Racelines. We spent a good part of the day discussing dirt basics and practicing drills, many of which required standing on foot pegs, a novel concept for a street rider. I recall several close calls with my inadequate leather street motorcycle boots that day when my foot was pinned under the bike and when it made contact with a big rock in the woods. Finding myself in love with being dirty, those boots went right into the trash that very day and I started my search for proper dirt bike footwear.

Sidi X-3 Lei boot review
Off-road riding requires a vastly different kind of foot protection than street motorcycle footwear. They need to protect and support your legs, feet, and ankles from hitting sticks, trees, rocks, and everything you encounter off the pavement. Photo by Bryan Finch.
Sidi X-3 Lei boots Klim Tricia Szulewski
WRN Editor Tricia also attended a Dirty Girls class and protected herself with Sidi X-3 Lei boots. Look how shiny they are…this is obviously the beginning of the day. These white boots are asking for mud to be splattered on them!

Sidi Lei Boots

Let’s face it. We ladies have limited options when it comes to motorcycle gear. Too often, women purchase men’s or youth boots, compromising on fit, safety, and quality. However, Italian manufacturer Sidi offers professional-level boots specifically designed to better fit and protect women. The women’s X-3 Lei boots feature high-end materials and components formed onto a female foot "last", the form used to make the sole. The X-3 is now superseded by Sidi’s X-Power Lei ($449.99). Both versions are quality off-road motorcycle boots that combine comfort, safety, and durability.

Sidi Lei X-3 Gosia
Sidi X-3 Lei and X-Power Lei come in European size 39-43 which translates to US size 7-11. I normally wear a size 10 and the X-3 Lei in size 42 fit me perfectly. Photo by Paul Marquardt.

The X-3 Lei offers foot, ankle, and shin protection while allowing for comfort and adequate range of motion so that you can easily walk in them. In addition to using the female foot last, Sidi designs these boots with a medium height shaft that has a lot of adjustability. This is important because mens boots often ride too high on a woman's leg and kids' boots too low. Additionally, women often have a wider calf to ankle ratio than men and need the extra room provided with these boots which can also accommodate knee braces. On the trails, you learn to find traction at low rpms with very precise clutch control. And when the instructor says, “Drop your heels for more traction!” I can actually do that in the Lei’s.

Sidi X-3 Lei
Technomicro fabric is fine microfibers that act like natural leather skin, but with the advantage of increased strength, softer texture, and lighter weight. The Sidi X-3 Lei boots are lightweight but strong, with high-quality features and replaceable parts.

Technomicro is also waterproof to keep your feet dry during water crossings. Unless, of course, water seeps in from the top. When that happens, the boot will actually keep water in.

Sidi Lei X-3 Gosia water crossing
Having high waterproof footwear is important when you’re working your way across rivers and through deep muddy puddles. Photo by Paul Marquardt.
Sidi X-3 Lei
The x-3 boot interior is lined with anti-abrasion Cambrelle in the foot area and Teflon mesh in the upper area. This prevents complete absorption of water and sweat allowing the boots to dry quickly.
Sidi Lei X-3
The X-3’s flex system limits ankle flexion and reduces rear movement for those times when your foot is stuck under your bike and twisted in the opposite direction.
Sidi Lei X-3
Tongue-in-groove rear calf panels protect the achilles tendon.
Sidi Lei X-3
The toe area is covered in protective plastic with a metal toe cap to withstand the occasional toe kick of a hidden tree stump.
Sidi Lei X-3
Replaceable micro-adjustable buckles are great for quickly fitting the footwear closure which will accommodate various knee brace/protection systems.

Other features I particularly like about the X-3 Lei include a nylon insole, a smooth surface on the inner part of the boot for proper bike grip, and removable arch support and replaceable bolt-on parts. Also, the anti-skid rubber sole can be replaced by a cobbler.

Sidi X-3 Lei
The Sidi's tough rubber sole keeps my feet firmly planted on footpegs, even in the roughest conditions. Photo by Brian Finch.

Worth It!

Off-road riding offers challenges that are both frightening and stimulating. It takes guts to suck at something new at middle-age especially when that something new is a male-dominated sport. When you’re starting out in dirt, momentum is your friend and the last thing you want to worry about is breaking a toe. When I hit the trails, I keep reminding myself that freedom is on the other side of the fear. This inner fear is calmed slightly by the peace of mind that I am wearing quality protective gear. The Sidi Lei boots are totally worth the money for that confidence boost.

Sidi X-3 Lei
Braap on fellow moto babes! Photo by Paul Marquardt.

You can find more information about the current Lei's and order Sidi women's boots online at

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