First Bluetooth Enabled Half-Helmet Debuts

Communication system built into the helmet!

Up until now, riders who prefer a half-helmet, also called a half-shell helmet, were unable to use a helmet-mounted Bluetooth system to listen to music, communicate with other riders, and receive phone calls. There simply was no place to attach the system components to the helmet. Sena Bluetooth is changing all that with the introduction of the Cavalry, a motorcycle half-helmet with Bluetooth technology built right in.

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first bluetooth enabled half helmet
With its sleek design and simple functionality, the Sena Cavalry is changing the game for riders everywhere with a Bluetooth communication system integrated into the helmet.

Forget the hassle of installing a headset to a helmet. The Cavalry is an all-in-one helmet and Bluetooth communicator that comes ready to go. The DOT-approved Cavalry helmet was created with the rider in mind to meet the communication and connectivity needs of those who prefer the half-helmet style.

first bluetooth enabled half helmet calvary
No more clamps and suction cups to attach the Bluetooth system to the helmet. The Sena Bluetooth is built right in to the left side of the half-helmet.

Now riders can rock out to their favorite music, answer phone calls, listen to GPS navigation, and use the built-in Bluetooth intercom to talk with up to four riding buddies up to 3,000 feet away.

first bluetooth enabled half helmet speakers
The speakers are built right into the sides of the helmet, seen here, while the highly sensitive microphone is integrated into the front top of the helmet.

With up to 10 hours of talk time, the Cavalry stays charged on long day rides. The Cavalry comes equipped with top quality speakers and is engineered with Sena’s Advanced Noise Control technology for wind noise reduction, as well as a wide range volume control to adjust based on conditions.

The Cavalry also comes with optional ear pads with speakers built in for louder and more clear audio while you’re out on the open road (and for warmth should you need it).

Cavalry helmet wearers can get more out of their system by connecting itto the Sena Smartphone Appthat allows a rider to configure device settings, create FM radio and speed dial presets, and even access the interactive Quick Start Guide.
Watch this short video explaining all the benefits of the Sena Cavalry.

first bluetooth enabled half helmet sizes
The Sena Cavalry half-helmet attaches with a D-ring strap, and comes in sizes XS to XXL.

The Cavalry retails for $349, and comes in Gloss Black, and Matte Black. Learn more and order online at

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10 thoughts on First Bluetooth Enabled Half-Helmet Debuts

  1. This would be the perfect half helmet if it had venting in the top for airflow in hot climates or seasons. It gets hot and sweaty up under a half helmet due to no ventilation.

  2. What is the shape of this helmet (need long oval) and can a face shield be added?

    1. At this time there is no face shield available for this helmet. Please contact Sena for more information at the link provided at the end of the article.

    1. Visit their website at the end of the article. You can order online or buy from a dealer.

  3. Are there any dealers in my area? I’d love to try this out!

  4. Pricey. I would need to try on a helmet before buying as so many fit differently, even half helmets. Wish they were sold locally. I would consider buying one if they were. We have already invested in the Sena system for our 3/4 helmets and the system works really well.

    1. There are several Sena dealers in your area, Linda. Check out Sena’s dealer locator on its web site,

  5. Fabulous option! Anything that keeps us hands-free and focused is a winner.

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