Custom Brace Created for the Nightster

Enhances handling and stability

The Harley-Davidson Nightster has become a very popular bike among women since its introduction last year because its light and low to the ground. For those who own one we are passing along information on a customized product, the Harley Nightster Superbrace.

The Nightster Superbrace is hard black anodized to increase durability and to compliment Harley#39;s vivid black finish.

SuperBrace is a patented fork stabilizer designed to reduce high speed wobbles, fork flex, front tire wear and rain groove sensitivity; the goal, to improve overall handling and front-end stability.

Braces are available for other bike models and manufacturers, Honda, Suzuki, Triumph, Yamaha, and Kawasaki. They come in high polish, flames, or an anodized black.

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