Clothing Review: Fun Decorative Fashion Bra Straps

Exposed bra straps just got exciting!

When the temperature rises,many women riders wear a tank top or spaghetti-strap shirt as a way to keep cool on their motorcycle underneath their riding jacket. Wearing these kind of shirts can also mean that exposed bra straps become part of the wardrobe as well.

Instead of worrying about bra straps showing opt for an accessory that makes you excited to show off your bra straps. Entrepreneur Toni Boldt has created a line of decorative bra straps called Fashion 4 Your Bra. This classy solution for bra straps attach to your convertible, strapless or modified bra.

Fun decorative bra straps black beaded
Fashionable bra straps work great for off-the-shoulder shirts like this one, to tank tops that motorcyclists commonly wear. There are lots of styles to choose from—beaded, rhinestones, diamonds, pearls or jewels.

clothing review fun decorative fashion bra straps motorcycle
Racer-back shirts like this one are ideal “candidates” for these blingy bra straps.
clothing review fun decorative fashion bra straps one shoulder shirt
Fashion 4 Your Bra Straps are also ideal for one-shoulder shirts like this one.
clothing review fun decorative fashion bra straps woman rider
This is just one of many styles to choose from for your fashion bra straps.

These hypo-allergenic straps attach to a bra with nickel and lead-free hooks, and can be mixed-and-matched or worn as a pair. All straps are fully adjustable with a 7-inch adjuster chain and are a total of 20 inches in length. The added support of these straps can even prevent the slipping of strapless bras.

Fun decorative bra straps pearls and sequins
Fashion 4 Your Bra Straps will get you excited about finding shirts that expose your bra straps. Theyre another way to express yourself on or off the motorcycle.

These straps may just become the accessory that changes your wardrobe for summer and beyond. Think of all the possibilities including strapless dresses and other challenging tops and blouses!

Prices for the straps run between $25 and $35, and can be ordered at Click the link to browse the huge variety of styles and then let us know what you think in the comments below! Is this an accessory you see becoming a part of your closet?

Fun decorative bra straps cross back beaded
Never have a dull summer fashion moment again! Fashion 4 Your Bra straps work on all sorts of bra-strap challenges.

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2 thoughts on Clothing Review: Fun Decorative Fashion Bra Straps

  1. Fantastic Idea! Much nicer than the normal strap showing and any age can use them!

  2. These bra straps are awesome! I have two pair of them. They really give off the “Classy Biker Chic” look. Best investment I have made in a long time.

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