Casting Call for Women Riders

New TV series in negotiations with a women's network

Original Productions, creators of Discovery Channels “Monster Garage, “The Great Biker Build-Off” and “Motorcycle Women” are seeking six dynamic and charismatic, motorcycle riding ladies ranging in age from 20-something to 40-plus. Been riding 30 years? Just bought your bike last week? The producers want to meet you! The casting is for a reality-based documentary series that is currently in negotiations with a major womens TV network.

Please send photo of yourself, your bike and a brief e-mail to The producer will contact you with casting info, dates and times.

Those living in the southern California area, there is a brief videotaped interviews/casting call in Burbank on Wednesday and Thursday, March 29 and 30. contacted the producer and asked what the premise of the show is. Here is her response: “We are challenging the six women to ride and work their way across the U.S. within a specific time period, probably culminating in a non-profit ride that will raise money for a charity. Each of the women will be given just $100; the rest is up to them. Will the six pool their money/earnings and share, or will it be the last gal standing. Itll take brains, ingenuity, and wit. Through their endeavors to get to their destination and overcome whatever obstacles whether mechanical or mental, each woman will have the opportunity to break down stereotypes, overcome their limitations and hopefully have the ride of their life.”

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