Book Review: The Motorcycle Camp Cookbook, by Amanda Zito

Quintessential guide to becoming a motorcycling camping gourmet chef

By Sarah Schilke

The Motorcycle Camp Cookbook

You have probably heard of the venerable solo adventure motorcycle rider and moto camper, Amanda Zito. She always brings us great advice on destinations, gear, and bike setup. And she encourages riders (and non-riders) to get out there and ‘do the thing’. Her latest endeavor is sharing her mastery of gourmet campsite cooking with those of us who aren’t expert cooks or expert campers.

Amanda Zito Camp Cookbook
The Motorcycle Camp Cookbook, by Amanda Zito, is available as a 260-page paperback for $38 or eBook format for $25 from Bundles and signed copies are also available.

Whether you're solo traveling or sharing campfire stories with friends, these recipes are designed to be single-serving, but are easy to double or multiply for any group size. All the recipes are field-tested by Amanda and can be made at camp on a single-burner stove without the need for a cooler.

camp cookbook amanda zito
This well-researched publication is indeed a cookbook full of delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes. Helpful graphics and full color photos accompany the recipes. It is also the quintessential guide to get you started enjoying delicious, simple, single-serving foods and meals at your moto-campsite with only a single burner stove. No more surviving on trail mix and power bars.

Amanda’s methods don’t require at-home prep or packing and strapping down a cooler, even though she features plenty of fresh ingredients and tasty spices. (She does include cooler recommendations in case you do want to go that route.)

camp cookbook recipe
I decided to test some of the recipes myself, my favorites being the Orzo Lemon Zucchini, and the cinnamon apples for breakfast, yum! Easy trail cooking recipes are even easier to cook at home.
bean and mushrooms
It’s been terrible riding weather in the PNW, so I opted to try another recipe in my home kitchen. I love the simplicity of the bean and mushroom pasta recipe, and the deliciousness. And at home I can easily scale the recipe up for guests or leftovers. Of course pairing it with a glass of wine out of a real glass is nice too.
amanda zito camp cooking
Amanda has personally ‘field tested’ all of the recipes.

New to Camp Cooking?

For those newbie cooks or campers among us, don’t worry. The details in-depth “beginner-friendly” guidance to walk you through everything you need from essential camp cooking gear and water filters, to tools to learn measuring, to basic ingredients and common spices, to various cooking methods, food substitutions and food safety, and finally how to organize and pack all of this to minimize space in your motorcycle luggage.

camping cookbook
With the Motorcycle Camp Cookbook, you’ll be equipped with all the guidance and instructions you need to know to get started on your gourmet camp cooking adventure.

Amanda officially launched the book in April and the pre-order phase continues through May via Indiegogo for both digital (international) and physical copies (US only.) The pre-order campaign is helping to fund a motorcycle trip to Alaska with her brother in 2025. After the pre-order phase, PDF/A eBook copies will be available on her website worldwide. For those of you who might run into Amanda at events over the summer, she plans to have some print copies with her. Later this year, Moto Camp Nerd will have physical copies for purchase in their online shop and the book will be available for Kindle/Nook.

amanda zito motorcycle camping
The Motorcycle Camping Cookbook would make a great beginning whole food guide for any kitchen, or the best gift for the motorcycle camper in your life.

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