New Bike Review: 2024 BMW F 900 GS

BMW's Mid-Weight ADV Bike is Powerful, Nimble, and Eats Up The Dirt

By Erin Sills, WRN Co-chairwoman and Adventure Riding Coach; Photos by Kevin Wing

BMW's New F 900 GS

Like its BMW R 1300 GS we review in this article, BMW brings us an all-new F 900 GS for 2024. BMW’s middleweight adventure offerings now include the F 800 GS, the F 900 GS, and the F 900 GS Adventure (GSA).

B2024 MW F 900 GS
The BMW F 900 GS is available in three colors and trims: Black Storm Metallic (not shown,) Sao Paulo yellow with red frame (+$275) and Trophy red, white, blue with gold wheels ($545.)

The F 850 GS went on a serious diet and beefed up motor muscle to emerge as the F 900 GS. The new F 900 is 22 pounds lighter (482 pounds vs. 504 pounds), sports a completely redesigned suspension, and is powered by the 895cc parallel-twin engine also used in the F 900 R and F 900 XR. It rides like a nimble warrior in the dirt, confidently swallowing rocks and ruts with smoothly-delivered power that conquers even the toughest terrain.

F 900 GS — More Motor, Lighter Bike

All three bikes in BMW’s 2024 mid-sized ADV lineup use the same 895cc two-cylinder engine, but the F 900s are tuned to provide more horsepower than the tamer F 800 (105 hp vs. 87 hp.) The power feels consistent through the RPM range and the torque curve is incredibly smooth. And as with every BMW I ride, the throttle response is instantaneous.

F 900 GS in-road woman rider
The F 900 GS and GSA inline twin engine adds horsepower and delivers that power more smoothly. The motor was also placed slightly lower on the bike, adding to its easy maneuverability.
exhaust F 900 GS
The F 900 GS comes standard with a sweet sounding Akrapovic sport muffler that also reduces 3.7 pounds compared to the muffler used on the previous F 850 GS.

The F 900 GS comes in at a fighting weight of 482 pounds which BMW achieves with changes, both big and small, across the entire motorcycle. Even more important is that the largest decrease (15 pounds) comes off parts that are higher up on the motorcycle.

Off-road riding BMW F 900 GS
BMW shaved off five pounds from the tail section and 10 pounds from the fuel tank, contributing to the bike’s nimble movement on unstable terrain.

A New Look

In addition to the F 900 GS' light weight and power increase, BMW has completely redesigned the look of the motorcycle, particularly the tail end of the bike. With the single seat and slim upsloping rear section, it looks more like a dirt bike. There are two Rallye seat options; the low reduces seat height by 1.4 inches, and the high increases it by 0.8 inches. While I do love the look of the seat and tail section, the only downside for me of the entire bike is the somewhat vulnerable rear turn signals which may be the first thing to break during an off-road “get-off.”

tail section F 900 GS
I love the styling and the red accents of the F 900 GS’s tail section, but without crash protection, I expect the first bits that come off in serious off-road riding will be the rear turn signals.

The F 900 GS’s gas tank is completely redesigned to be slimmer which feels very comfortable when moving around on the bike off-road as well as riding on pavement. The tank is now plastic rather than steel, reducing quite a bit of weight on the top end of the bike.

BMW F 900 GS front fender beak
The front end “beak” of the F 900 is distinctively “GS” with the short beak and fender.
seat height woman rider BMW F 900 GS
At 5 foot 7 inches, the reach to the ground with the standard 34.2-inch seat height is a piece of cake. Taller riders will appreciate the ability to raise the seat up to 35 inches while shorter riders can lower it to 32 inches.

Designed to Gobble Up the Dirt

The F 900 GS suspension is my favorite aspect of the bike overall. Both the GS standard and the GSA feature new, fully adjustable 43mm Showa forks with 9.1 inches of front end travel. Rebound, compression damping, and spring preload can be adjusted manually if new terrain or riding conditions require it.

BMW GS suspension compression
This photo serves as proof of me taking advantage of every bit of the bike’s 9 inches of fork travel.
F 900 GS adjustable front suspension
The Enduro Pro Package offers Showa forks that are easily adjustable in pre-load as well as rebound and compression.
spoked wheels BMW F 900 GS
The F 900 GS comes standard with spoked wheels, and the rider has the option of road or off-road tires.

The optional Enduro Pro Package available on the F 900 GS and F 900 GSA adds a sportier suspension again with Showa forks, and adding ZF Sachs rear shocks, black handlebars with .9 inch risers, and an M-Endurance chain which BMW claims is more wear-resistant.

BMW hand guards
For the off-road rider, BMW offers a more durable handguard option for the F 900 GS.
SOS button BMW GS
Like the BMW R 1300 GS, the F models have an Intelligent Emergency Call (SOS) button option which can be added for that extra sense of security in the event of an accident.
dirt riding BMW F 900 GS woman rider
The F 900 GS’s 21-inch front wheel gives the motorcycle bite and maneuverability that is confidence-inspiring in rough, rutted terrain.
BMW footpeg
BMW uses a common off-road style peg that gives extra grip yet allows for easy cleaning of debris. I do prefer a larger footpeg, however, when adventure riding.

BMW F 900 GS on the Road

While BMW is clear that the F 900 GS is redesigned to conquer off-road riding, it was an absolute pleasure on the streets and twisties as well. Gear Shift Assist Pro makes ripping up or down through the gears in acceleration or deceleration an absolute hoot. This standard feature enables the rider to quickly shift using just the shift lever with no need for the clutch. Dynamic Traction Control (DTC) is also standard and gives a lot of confidence when slowing down going into or already in a turn. The DTC can be disabled for off-road riding when the rider will occasionally want the ability to lock-up the rear wheel. 

I find the “upright” seating position of the F 900 GS to be comfortable for a long day of on-road riding. And with the handlebars now more than half an inch higher and the footpegs an inch lower, the ergonomics work well for my 5-foot-7-inch height and 30.5-inch inseam.

TFT screen BMW F 900 GS
All three BMW middleweight F GS’s come standard with Rain and Road riding modes. Ride Modes Pro adds Dynamic for a sporty uptick while on-road, and Enduro, and Enduro Pro for off-road enthusiasts. Up to four ride modes can be pre-selected to be toggled among using the Mode button at the rider’s right hand.
BMW F 900 GS windshield
The F 900 GS’s windshield is quite small, but I find it surprisingly effective at deflecting wind around the rider even at highway speeds. For those who want a taller option, BMW offers a high windshield which is 2 inches taller.

Rounding Out the Lineup

We didn’t get to test ride the 2024 F 800 GS or the F 900 GS Adventure, but they are certainly worth mentioning. The F 800 GS uses the same 895cc engine as the others, but it has been electronically detuned to provide less horsepower. This configuration is more approachable for newer riders who want a great bike on the road and enough adventure options to take on easy dirt roads.

The 2024 F 900 GSA is designed to make long distance travel a bit easier for the adventure rider. The 900 comes with a 6 gallon fuel tank, a convenient luggage rack for Vario or similar cases, an adjustable windshield, and a small aluminum engine guard.

WRN Recommendation

The F 900 GS is an excellent, powerful, comfortable all-around mid-weight motorcycle for the rider who wants a great bike for the twisties and also wants to conquer the dirt.

Specs At A Glance

2024 BMW F 900 GS / F 900 GS Adventure
Engine Size: 895cc
Seat Height: 34.2 inches, adjustable from 32 inches to 35 inches
Fuel Capacity: 3.8 gallons / 6 gallons
Wet Weight: 482 pounds / 542 pounds
Colors: Black Storm Metallic; Sao Paulo Yellow/Red; White/Blue/Red / Black Storm Metallic, White Aluminum Matte
MSRP: Starting at $13,495 / $14,195

GS Premium Package ($1,750) includes: M Endurance Chain, Keyless Ignition, Gear Shift Assist Pro, Ride Modes Pro, Electronic Tire Pressure Monitor, Cruise Control

GS Enduro Pro Package ($1,495) includes: Sport Suspension, Handlebar Risers

GSA Premium Package ($2,460 with Black finish, $2690 with White finish) includes: M Endurance Chain, Dynamic Suspension, Keyless Ignition, Gear Shift Assist Pro, Ride Modes Pro, LED Fog Lights, Electronic Tire Pressure Monitor, Cruise Control, Center Stand, Side Case mounts

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