Betsy Reflects on Life, Motorcycling Toy Rides

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Toy rides are a popular way for motorcyclists to get together around the holidays while doing some good for their community. WRNs Backroads with Betsy columnist Betsy Huelskamp documents her December outings to two toy rides that had her looking at the holiday season a little differently and re-examining the meaning of life through it all in typical Betsy fashion.

Betsy and friend Gevin Fax all ready with to go on a toy ride.

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2 thoughts on Betsy Reflects on Life, Motorcycling Toy Rides

  1. I know Gevin Fax. I haven't seen her since 1997 in Sturgis that year. I met her in 1996 up there. If you could give her my email I would like to get re-aquainted. She invited myself and two other girls into her Tee Pee at Hog Heaven Campgrounds. You rock gf!! Does she still tote that bad ass knife on her hip? Glad to see you are out on the roads still.

    Just a little update from me, I went from that cute little bright red Sporty with the black rose on the tank (that I rode from Texas to Sturgis everytime), to an 05 Heritage that I call my Red Angel. She is so sweet! Bought her new at the end of 04 and I logged 35k before the end of 08. Will be going to Sturgis in 2010 so I want to know does Gevin still stay in the Tee Pee so I can drop in to visit?

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