Arm Yourself: Protect Your Bike, Hair and Feet

Products that make your riding life less complicated

Protect Your Hair
We all deal with it—helmet hair. Whether long or short, its no fun spending time after a ride detangling knots from your hair. Hair Armor is a new product incorporating the coverage of a doo-rag with the protection of a ponytail sleeve. Hair Armor is specifically designed to keep your hair detangled and out of the way while riding or working.

Hair-Armor with the Dark Blue Traditional Skull Cross Bone Pattern.

The Hair Armor company is family owned by four generations of women. They offer a pink breast cancer pattern, and will donate $2 dollars to the Breast Cancer Foundation with each purchase. For more information or to order visit and go to the Contact Us page or call 951.763.4971.

Protect Your Feet
You can protect your riding boots (and your feet) from rain with NEOS Villagers overshoes. NEOS are lightweight, 100 percent waterproof and windproof overshoes they fit over your riding boots. NEOS has a rubber sole for traction and are thick enough to provide a layer of warmth. They are large enough put on and take off on the side of the road with a strap that cinches up to fit tight. Plus, they fold to a compact size to easily fit in saddlebags. For more information on NEOS visit or call 800.777.9021.

The NEOS Villager.

Protect Your Bike
Protect your painted hard bag lids with Motorcycle Armor. Motorcycle Armor is a clear polyurethane film that is applied to the hard bags of your touring bike. Motorcycle Armor hides existing scratches and shields your paint from road grime, key nicks, and scuffs from a passengers boot.

The Motorcycle Armor kit.

The application kit contains the Motorcycle Armor film for both hard bag lids, a bottle of concentrate solution for film application, a squeegee applicator, a microfiber towel for clean scratch free installation, and complete instructions. The Web site also has great instructions. A special adhesive layer allows for easy removal of the film so you can replace it after miles of wear. The company, Motorcycle Armor, LLC, offers a free lifetime film replacement warranty. For more information visit or call 512.228.4791.

6 thoughts on Arm Yourself: Protect Your Bike, Hair and Feet

  1. I like wearing Tivas (they're like sandals) when walking, but I'm afraid to wear them while riding. God forbid, if I should ever fall, they'd offer no protection. So, I ride with boots and change into sandals when I get places. But, do you think I could wear sandals and then an overboot? How much pavement protection do you think they'd provide, if they ever had to?

  2. I'm interested in the overshoes for work as I'm a truck driver and I also ride. Winter can be very brutal. I want pricing on different overshoes as they do not that have on their Web site.

  3. Where can I find the Hair Armor. I went to their Web site but there is no way to order, only dealer info.

    1. The article lists a phone number to call, and on the Web site, you can email them to order or for more information.

  4. I was wery Interested in the Protect Your Feet & Bike items. I don't need them right now, but possibly in the future. I will share this info with others. Thanks for the write-ups.

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