Are You Missing Out? Stay in the Loop with Women Motorcycling News

New ways to follow Women Riders Now

Did you know Women Riders Now posts up to a dozen (and sometimes more) stories on the site every month? Our staff is busy compiling fresh content for the site every day, and with all this activity, it’s easy to overlook a story here and there. But whether it’s a new review of your dream motorcycle, a feature story that inspires you to take your next road trip, or an article about ways to improve your riding, we don’t want you to miss out! So we’ve created several new ways for readers to be alerted whenever a new story appears on WRN. Read more below to learn about the three simple ways you can stay in the know in the world of women and motorcycles.
Daily Updates with Feedburner amp; RSS Feeds
By signing up for WRN’s Feedburner or RSS feeds, you can get WRN story notifications delivered straight to your email inbox or feed reader. To subscribe to our Feedburner updates, simply enter your email address on this page of the WRN site. Once you’ve subscribed, Feedburner will send you a once-a-day email alerting you to all new stories posted on WRN that day.
Your daily Feedburner emails will link to the WRN Blog, with summaries of stories posted to the site that day.

For those not familiar with RSS feeds (RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication”), this is a quick and efficient way to get alerts about the latest news and information posted to your favorite sites. To subscribe, you’ll first need to install a web-based feed reader, such as NewzCrawler, FeedDemon or Google Reader, on your computer. Most of these programs are free and are designed to let you organize, search and categorize the news you receive. Once you’ve installed a reader, sign up for WRN’s RSS feeds by visiting this page.(You can reach the same page by clicking on the little orange icon with radio waves on it, locatednext to the Twitter and Facebook iconsin the upper left corner of the site.)Next, choose the reader you’re using and follow the instructions on the screen. It’s that simple!

Updates Every Two Weeks with the WRN Newsletter
The WRN Newsletter is another great way to stay up to date, albeit less often. Once you subscribe, we’ll send our free e-newsletter straight to your inbox about twice a month—or every other Tuesday—alerting you to all the new stories posted on the site in the preceding two weeks. Even if you already receive our RSS feeds, you’ll still want to subscribe to the newsletter! Only there will you find updates on hot topics in the WRN Forum, the latest women-friendly motorcycles listed in the WRN Classifieds, and reader-exclusive deals, discounts, and giveaways. Visit this page to sign up.
The WRN Newsletter is delivered straight to your inbox every two weeks.

Social Media: Facebook amp; Twitter Updates

Finally, don’t forget to keep up with us on all the popular social networks! Become a fan of WRN’s Facebook page and get regular announcements about new stories and giveaways, plus interact with other riders. And if you want to be the very first to learn about important motorcycle news and events, follow us on Twitter, where WRN’s editor and motorcycle-industry insider Genevieve Schmitt posts breaking news as she receives it—that means before it even appears on our site. Genevieve’s Twitter feed can also be found right on the WRN homepage, so every time you visit us on the Web, you’ll see the latest motorcycle news updating live right on your screen.

WRN Editor Genevieve Schmitts Twitter feed can be found right on the WRN homepage. Check there often for the latest motorcycle news as its announced.

While were on the subject of the WRN site, did you know that clicking on any photo in a story will make the picture bigger and allow you to scroll through allof that storys photos? Try it out by clicking on any photo, hovering your mouse over it, and using the “Next” or “Prev” buttons to move through the images. Its a great way to turn any WRN story into a slideshow.

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