Your Stories: How the Internet Brought Four Riders Together

Lifelong friendships formed through motorcycling

By Priscilla Griffith, Pensacola, Florida

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The Internet can be a wonderful thing. I started riding my own motorcycle in 1998; a 1990 Harley-Davidson FXR Low Rider. I put more than 50,000 miles on that bike. But this story isn’t about me. It’s about four women who became “sistas.”

How the Internet Brought Four Riders Together
Standing from left to right: Debbie Hancock Smith (“Curves”), Priscilla Griffith, Kaye Crothers and Patti Forrester (“HDGanny”).

After I began riding my own Harley, I joined an Internet forum for bikers. How nice it was to talk with people who enjoyed riding as much as me. On that forum I met Kaye Crothers (aka, “Harley Darling” or “Mo Chrome”) and we instantly became close friends. We both had one child and had other things in common as well. In 2001, the forum site held a meeting in Alma, Arkansas. My husband and I rode the more than 600 miles from our home in Pensacola, Florida, to meet other people we had only conversed with online. Kaye and her hubby went too. It was a wonderful weekend. We rode some fabulous roads and made awesome friendships.

Meeting Kaye from Tennessee was the highlight of the trip. Little did we know what that meeting would mean to us. For the next couple years, we’d visit each other’s houses and ride many miles together. During this time we became aware of another forum for women riders and began to make new friends. In the spring of 2004, some local girls decided to do a “Meet in the Middle” about 250 miles from my home. Kaye brought a couple of her friends from Tennessee. I think on that first trip we had about 10 girls. What fun we had in the two days we were together. Stopping to get gas, people would just stare at so many girls riding together.

How the Internet Brought Four Riders Together Sistas
For the last ten years, the WOW Sistas (Wild Old Women) have been meeting about three times a year, in Pelham, Alabama, the halfway point for the small group.

Two or three months later, we decided to do it again. But this time not as many girls were able to make the trip. On that trip, we decided that we’d try to meet up three or four times a year. If it’s too cold in January, we drive our cars, but the rest of the year we’re on bikes.

We always visit Heart of Dixie Harley-Davidson in Pelham, Alabama. It’s just up the hill from the hotel. There’s also a dealer in Trussville, Alabama, Riders Harley-Davidson, where we hit the sales rack. The salespeople in these two stores have gotten to know us and look forward to each time we come. We always leave with lots of stuff.

Of course, no visit is complete without one or two visits to the Walmart. I bring a blender, and we buy snacks and stuff to make margaritas in our hotel room.

On one trip, we decided to get tattoos on a whim. Kaye drew up the design, then we got a recommendation for a tattoo artist from a Heart of Dixie salesman, and the rest is history. At dinner that night we showed them off to everyone who would listen.

How the Internet Brought Four Riders Together Wild Old Women
The name “Wild Old Women” or WOW for short, came about as a joke explains Priscilla. “One night laying in bed, talking and watching TV, Kaye said, We’re really a bunch of wild old women—in bed by 8:00pm. Patti had some shirts made for us several years ago. When we wear them, people ask if we’re a biker gang. Yeah! A gang of four!”

The weekends always involve lots of catching up and, of course, riding. Somehow, I got assigned to be the designated road captain. We all pick a destination (or not) and I plan the route. We’ve ridden to state parks and to little towns to shop (a girl can never have too much stuff.) Yes, we’ve gotten lost several times, but somehow always find our way. We’ve found some pretty cool roads because of that. We always try to find little out-of-the-way places to eat. During our last ride, we ate wonderful fried green tomatoes at The Irondale Café, in Irondale, Alabama. And we often visit the “Charming Charlie” store for some bling.

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The four of us all share one room. It’s amazing how fast we can trash the room once we unload the bikes. The best part of the weekend for me, is lying in bed and talking about our day, our troubles, or days gone by. Well, maybe the best time is the frozen drinks.

We’ve had mishaps together. The covered bridge story is for another time, and ‘till this day Kaye won’t go down a road that says “covered bridge.” We’ve pushed bikes in parking lots because of dead batteries. We’ve fixed issues with electrical tape. None of us are mechanics, but husbands are only a phone call away. Every trip has a special memory.

How the Internet Brought Four Riders Together Priscilla and Ray Griffith
The WOW Sistas have been Priscilla’s salvation for the last two years. Her husband, Ray, shown here, was diagnosed with stage IV Melanoma in 2012. In 2013, the women moved their weekend to the beach to be close to Priscilla, who didnt want to be hours away from Ray. They did the weekend in her RV. The Sistas came again for Rays funeral in March last year.

In our 10 years, we have survived losing parents, spouses, and divorces. We have cried together, laughed together and shared our most private thoughts together.

The rest of the year, when we arent together, we talk on the phone or email each other. It’s amazing that no matter how long we’ve been apart we pick right up once we’re together.Motorcycle riding brought us together, but our friendship and love for each other keeps us together.And it all wouldn’t have happened if Kaye and I hadn’t met on an Internet forum.

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11 thoughts on Your Stories: How the Internet Brought Four Riders Together

  1. We have a group of women riders that met on the Weight Watchers boards. We no longer chat on the WW boards but remain close using Facebook and phones. Some of us have met up in person and our friendships are going strong after 10+ years.

  2. Very similar story. I have had my bike for many years and it is very difficult to meet other women with the same mind set as myself.On FB I was introduced by one lady to another site. Since then there are two ladies from Nevada, one from Illinois, one from Iowa, one from Missouri and then myself from Nova Scotia Canada. Six of us.We talk all the time on FB and have the occasional conference call. It’s a bit difficult with the time change but we make it work. We are there to help each other through difficult time but also there to enjoy the good times.A few of the ladies have met and I am a bit jealous but with my distance from the ladies, it is difficult. I would love to meet with all of them one day, it would be like sister reuniting. Maybe one day.Maybe that is your next story, to arrange our meeting.

    1. Thanks for sharing that Sandra. The WRN Forum is another great place to meet other riders. We have more than 1300 registered users all sharing about motorcycling. You can visit it the WRN Forum here on WRN.

  3. This is exactly the way I feel about the women that I have met over the years at the Mid-Atlantic Women’s Motorcycle Rally! We get together as much as we can and ride and laugh. Plus we get to have a great reunion once a year in June!

  4. One of the most touching stories I have ever read. Awesome. I too have met a few new great friends thanks to Internet and various sites. I have ventured out on journeys across several states, just to me and another lady. Ride safe and live life.

  5. Love your story. I too have a similar story. But our’s ended up turning into an all ladies motorcycle group called Babes Out On Bikes-BOOBS. We ride together, we play together, and were there for each other as well.

  6. I have had the privilege and honor to be invited to two “Meet in the Middle” weekends. These ladies are the real deal and it is so awesome to experience their friendship first hand! Everything in this article is the truth from the frozen drinks to the shopping to the Irondale Café. Thanks. WOW is for including me in your special times. Some of my best times EVER!

  7. Thank you WRN for sharing this heartwarming story! It does my heart good to hear about women who value one another so much! I’ve met many wonderful women through riding and I’ve built relationships along the way. I can only hope to have friendships that are so enduring and cherished. My heart feels so happy now.

  8. I Just love this. I met one of my besties through the Internet. Unfortunately she passed last year, but we used to talk all the time about how that first meeting was. We rode all over and had so much fun. I have met many others the same way and have kept dear friendships… all through Internet meetings. All have been a positive experience for me. Hope to meet many more. These gals seems to make a perfect team. Loved this article. Made me smile.

  9. I enjoyed reading this story. That’s what it’s all about — enjoying the ride and good fellowship.

  10. What a great story! A wonderful example of how the Internet can work for the good in women’s lives and endure the test of time. So happy for them all.

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