Way To Go, Girl! Models Making Motorcycles More

Women riders doing amazing things

2009 AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame Inductee
Congratulations to Mona Ehnes on her upcoming induction into the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame during the 2009 induction ceremony at the Hard Rock Hotel amp; Casino in Las Vegas this December. Mona Ehnes has been on the front lines of the off-highway vehicle (OHV) rights battle ever since she charged into the fight for motorcyclists rights in 1967 when controversial legislation was introduced that would have restricted off-highway vehicle riding opportunities in her home state of Montana.

A founding member of the Great Falls Trail Bike Riders Association and the Montana Trail Vehicle Association, Mona remains an active advocate and off-highway motorcyclist today.

“Mona Ehnes is one of motorcyclings most dedicated rights activists,” said AMA President and CEO Rob Dingman. “She not only embodies the spirit of advocacy but also possesses the even rarer fortitude to act on her convictions. Im thrilled that our voters are honoring Mona and her accomplishments by giving her a well-deserved place in the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame.”

Models With More

LowLa will be a based on a Honda VTX 1300 and will incorporate pro-street styling. Here one of the models, “Sukhee,” balances a tire.

AFT Girls, a division of Amador Fine Tune, is a modeling agency adding brains to the usual modeling equation of boobs and butts. The latest project of the lovely ladies: building a custom metric V-Twin, dubbed “LowLa.” While increasing the models knowledge of motorcycles and the industry as a whole, building “LowLa” will prove to the world that these girls really do have it all. The motorcycle, under the guidance of AFT Customs Jim Giuffra, will be unveiled at the 2009 LA Calendar Motorcycle Show and then will continue onto Sturgis as AFT Customs 2009 entry into a bike show there defending its World Champion title.

AFT model, Sara, prepares the motorcycle for custom paint.

The Garage-Girls Biker Makeover Winner
Congratulations to the winners of The Garage-Girls Ultimate Biker Makeover Carlisle Edition. They are Kristen Buckley of Red Lion, Pennsylvania, and Victoria Kriner-Aversano of Myerstown, Pennsylvania. Both received personal makeovers, including ICON helmets, riding jackets and gloves, 7 Eye riding glasses, and Harley-Davidson riding boots. Both women also received clothing from Pink Partz, a Wizards bike detail cleaning kit, a technology case from Otterbox, and a case of Spectro Oil along with a years subscription to IronWorks Magazine.

Left to right: Garage Girls Laura Klock, winners Kristin and Victoria (seated on her bike), and Garage Girls Jody Perewitz and Sara Liberte.

Kristin was also presented with not only a cool luggage bag from T-Bags but also a bag of surprises for her 11-year-old son, Jed, who couldnt make it to Bike Fest because his leukemia had landed him in the hospital.

For the grand prize, it wasnt just Victoria who got herself outfitted her bike got “hooked up” as well. The new features included a dyno run by Cycle Solutions, new mirrors, grips, levers, pegs and speakers by Kuryakyn. She also got chrome 100 spoke American Wire Wheels wrapped with Pirelli Night Dragon Tires, a new Mustang seat and some special pinstripe work by Dan Kite.

Girl Scouts amp; Motorcycling
They look more like off-road warrior princesses than traditional Girl Scouts. But under the protective plastic armor and helmets are 10- and 11-year-old Girl Scouts from Troop 3323 in Georgia. They took it upon themselves to raise more than $700 to purchase signs for the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) Campus at Alpharetta, Georgia. The donated signs reminding trail users to Avoid Sensitive Areas!, Leave What You Find!, and Trash Your Trash!, messages that reflect the eco-friendly principles the girls learned while attending classes at the MSF Campus Outdoor Education Center. They earned the coveted Girl Scout Bronze Award for community service in the process. Way to go girls!

The MSF Girl Scouts learning good riding habits while having a great time.

Helping Our Soldiers

Valerie Thompson, two-time Bonneville land speed record holder.

Two-time Bonneville land speed record holder and current Pro Stock Motorcycle racer Valerie Thompson is partnering with Team Marines Racing. The agreement will help to generate revenues for the Wounded Warrior Project and the Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund while giving Valerie Morgan Racing direct associations with active duty, retired and future Marines and their families. Thanks for showing your support, Valerie!

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  1. I would hope that in this day and age there would be more people out there who recognize women for their talents than waist line and boob size, those girls not women should get some more metal fabrication schooling and be a little more concerned with what kind of world they are setting up for our future women! They might have done a better job on that bike if they were a little more concerned with what they were doing instead of their hair and face paint! Sad, sad, sad.

  2. This Military Mom salutes Valerie Thompson's support of our troops! I pray that neither my soldier or my marine will ever need that kind of help and I pray for those who do.

  3. I love the article about the girl scouts. I was a leader and I think it is awesome how they are helping the community and earning badges and becoming strong ladies. Keep up the great work girls.

  4. Umm…tell me how having women with their boobs hanging out while working on motorcycles does anything to promote a change of attitude for serious women bike builders. Same old, same old. How about getting some seriously hot guys sans shirts working on bikes? For all the women bike enthusiasts we should be seeing our fair share of beautiful men.Yes?
    Otherwise, great articles.

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