Video Review: Polaris Slingshot, a Womans Everyday Ride

How the unique three-wheeler incorporates into one's daily life

By Genevieve Schmitt, Editor

The Polaris Slingshot, a three-wheeled reverse trike vehicle, was introduced in 2015. Since then, there have been many reviews on the unique ride mostly focusing on it from a technical point of view, including how fast it can go, how it hugs the corners, and how it handles on a race track.

review polaris slingshot everyday rides SLR model
I tested the SLR model (in Orange Madness color scheme), the top-of-the-line model for 2017, which sells for $28,999. But dont get sticker shock over that. The base model starts at $19,999 giving many the ability to experience all that this fun three-wheeler has to offer.

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One ride in the Slingshot and Polaris will no doubt attract those who want to go fast, have fun, and look cool. I dont really care about all of that. And Im sure there are others like me. Im curious to see if the Slingshot is something I could own as another vehicle and justify it as an everyday ride.

How does it incorporate into my life as a ride that can transport me from errand to appointment throughout my day? Can it carry my groceries? Can I take it on a weekend getaway? Can I meet a friend for coffee in it? How does it “play” in everyday traffic and in everyday life? Can I justify its practicality in my life?

I am about to find out. I had the opportunity to test ride the Polaris Slingshot using it as my everyday ride. For the two months I had it, I drove it as much as I can, from the post office, to summiting one of Americas top 10 scenic byways.

review polaris slingshot everyday rides girlfriends
I had the fun opportunity to take many friends for a ride in the Slingshot. For a lot of my girlfriends, it was their first time putting on a helmet, which made them feel a little bit like what most of us feel as motorcycle riders—suiting up with riding gear, and all that goes along with being out in the elements in an open-air vehicle. I could see where a ride in the Slingshot could lead a woman to be interested in becoming a motorcycle rider.

Heres the first in a series of videos introducing the Slingshot to my girlfriend Randi as she and I go out for coffee.

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