TRIKE REVIEW: Trike Conversion of Hondas 2012 Gold Wing

An ultimate touring machine on three wheels

The Honda Gold Wing is well known for the smooth ride and outstanding comfort it offers riders and passengers, making it arguably one of the best motorcycles for touring. But what happens when you add an extra wheel?

This Gold Wing trike conversion uses an independent rear suspension (IRS), creating an incredibly smooth ride.

Only good things, it turns out, as WRN Editor Genevieve Schmitt learned when she test rode the Roadsmith HT1800, a trike conversion of the 2012 Gold Wing. If you’ve ever been interested in riding the “Cadillac of motorcycles” with a bit of added stability—or if you’re simply curious about how triking a motorcycle affects the ride—check out Genevieve’s extensive review of the Roadsmith HT1800 on WRN’s sister site,

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1 thought on TRIKE REVIEW: Trike Conversion of Hondas 2012 Gold Wing

  1. My first trike was a Gold Wing 1500. I had owned several other motorcycles, but knew I could no longer hold a two wheeler up. I wanted to ride! Now I have two trikes, the 1500 with Motor Trike kit, and an 1800 with California SideCar kit. Ride every chance I get!

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