Top Motorcycle Brands on Dr. Phil Show

Helmet House supplies gear for safety segment

Helmet House, a leading supplier of high-quality motorcycle helmets and riding gear, will be featured on the Dr. Phil television show on Tuesday, April 18. “The producers of Dr. Phil needed our help,” said Richard Kimes, national marketing manager for Helmet House. “We were able to offer a helping hand and we were very pleased to do so.”

The segment demonstrates how motorcyclists step in to help one another. Shoei helmets, Cortech jackets, and Oxtar boots are featured in the segment that talks about proper riding gear. The Motorcycle Safety Foundation and American Honda both assisted with the development of this story involving motorcycle safety and MSF curriculum.

According to the Dr. Phil Web site, the show is titled Ask Dr. Phil and Robin. The motorcycling segment is about a mother who took away the keys to her sons motorcycle and wants to know if she should give them back. “We heard about this segment through an MSF member company,” said Mike Mount, Director of Communications at the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. “We encouraged the producers to talk with their guest about proper riding apparel. An even bigger message is making sure he gets proper training and is a life-long learner when it comes to motorcycling.”

The Motorcycle Safety Foundations news bureau called Discover Todays Motorcycling (DTM) works with mainstream media to promote positve messages about motorcycling. Ty van Hooydonk, the Managing Director of Communication for the MSF says, “This is another example of a pretty substantial mainstream media effort going on in the industry.”

The segment airs on Dr. Phil airs on Tuesday, April 18. Viewers are encouraged to check local listings for the show time in their area. They can also visit For more information on the Motorcycle Safety Foundation visit

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