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Q: What is RSS?

A: RSS is a format for providing summarized news and the content of news-like sites.

Q: How is RSS used?

A: RSS-aware programs called news aggregators are an easy way to keep track of new headlines from your favorite news sites. RSS feeds can also be incorporated by webmasters intowebsites that are interested in posting snippets about the latest content available on other websites.

Q: How can RSS this benefit me?

A: If you would like to keep track of up to the minute news onWomen Riders Now, you can download an RSS reader for your computer.Women Riders Now has found a feed reader available for MicrosoftWindows that is simple to use and is free. It is called“Feed Reader”and is available for download at

Q: Where Can I Find Out More About RSS?

A: There is an excellent resource regarding RSS as a whole here at

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