The Trade-Offs of a Motorcycling Life

Leaving dresses and high heels behind

By Sash Walker
While working in the Starbucks this afternoon (our office when we are on the road) Ive seen one beautiful, professionally dressed woman after another walk in for their daily treats. I admire their fashion sense, their grace, their gorgeous heels and flowing skirts, long tan legs, flowing, smooth hair…
I used to dress professionally every day wearing skirts and blouses, business dresses and 4-inch heels. My scarves draped gracefully; my long strands of pearls rolled gently over crepe, silk and cashmere.
The Trade-offs of a motorcycling life Sash Walker
Sash traded in her scarves and pearls for a new “fashion accessory,” a motorcycle helmet.

Now I am a motorcycle rider. I have no other vehicle and I live on the road, so all of my clothing must be motorcycle friendly. I try to balance the need for gear as often as possible with my deep desire to dress like a woman. I truly miss, in the depths of my heart, the way I used to adorn myself. I long for pearls and silk, heels and bare legs.

For each thing in life there is a cost; a trade off. The glorious freedom, the chance to travel, the love of motorcycling certainly outweighs my desire to dress fashionably, but it doesnt eliminate that longing. It is a balance, a choice, a decision I live with.
Soon I, along with my husband, Steve Johnson, will be leaving my daughter and son-in-law and my brand new, precious grandson. Yesterday, I wept, holding Jackson as I was hit with a deep pain, knowing I wont be here for three months to watch him grow, to cuddle him, to smell his baby skin. Time with my small family is just another price I pay for this grand life of traveling via motorcycle across the country. Ill miss my grandnieces first birthday this Friday, another milestone I wanted to share with my family, but I will not.
The trade-offs of a motorcycling life Sash Walker Grandson
Sash and days-old grandson, Jackson.

My life is perfect because I believe that I am just where I need to be at all times. That doesnt mean its easy. It just means Ive gained an acceptance for life on lifes terms.

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