Motorcycling is Life Changing
My first bike was a red Honda Shadow VLX that I bought new in May 2002 after getting my motorcycle license. From that day on my life changed. I changed. Until I discovered motorcycle riding I never really had an outlet to express myself, or an interest that touched my spirit and permeated my entire being. Riding gave my life new meaning and purpose. Being a woman rider added to my self esteem and put me in a unique category. We are a rare breed. I remember being out riding one day and seeing a teenage girl in the car in front of me turn in her seat to check me out. She was out with a bunch of friends, and they all did a doubletake when they saw I was a “she.” The girl gave me the thumbs-up and shouted, “You represent us!” That made me feel especially proud that I was grinning all the way home.”
Elissa Dominianni, Selden, NY

Ultimate Freedom
When I am on my bike I feel free. I think about the freedom that we women have in America and how wonderful it is. I think how sad it is that women in other parts of the world are not allowed to feel this kind of freedom. Every time I pass by a military vehicle I give them a biker wave. I know that they are part of the reason why I can jump on my very own Harley-Davidson and ride down the road with no fear and go anywhere I want to go. I love it!
Judy Weed, Tallahassee, AL

Joy in the Front Seat
I am 52 years old but when I get on my bike I feel like Im 30. I would recommend that other women who are riding behind their husbands to get their own bike. Its a freedom thats unexplainable. I am a happy woman biker in Oklahoma and proud of it.
Linda Robertson, Vinita, OK

Life Confidence Builder
I am now in my 27th year of riding and thoroughly enjoy it. While I dont always get to put on as many miles as I would like, I dont intend to give it up any time soon. Even the years that I was pregnant and raising three children, I would at least get a few Sunday rides in throughout the summer. My husbands support, as well as the Motorcycle Safety Foundation classes, have helped me tremendously become a more confident person, both on and off the bike.
Donna Bennett, Via email

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