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Women Riders Now goes one step further

This online magazine, WomenRidersNow.com, is just one aspect of our business. Women Riders Now is a marketing and communications company created to assist the motorcycle industry in reaching the most influential and powerful demongraphic segment today women. A woman controls 85 percent of her familys household spending; and women are expected to control more than 60 percent of the wealth in the U.S. by the end of 2010. Women are highly influential among their peers. They are walking advertisements for products and services they like. You want women in your corner.

What all this means to you?
Women have money or control the money in this country. Its our job to make motorcycling an attractive leisure activity on which they want to spend their time and money. Right now, women are the fastest growing segment of new riders. What are you doing to make your company stand out from the rest and attract women to your brand, dealership, or product?

Why is there a need for such a service?
Motorcycling is a male-dominated activity from the boardrooms to the showrooms to the pavement. Business owners are used to catering to a male demographic only. Many companies need to rethink old marketing strategies and learn how to reach out to women in a way that benefits their bottom line. In addition, many companies do not have women in key positions so they find themselves helpless when it comes to designing marketing campaigns that will effectively reach women and designing products for women.

WRN Founder Genevieve Schmitt is the worlds leading expert on the womens motorcycling market. Visit the Our Founder link to read about Genevieve. She is available to help you connect with women riders in your community. She offers a variety of services to meet your individual needs.

As the leading spokesperson on women and motorcycling today, Genevieve tours the country speaking at motorcycling events including ladies nights, dealer open houses, Garage Parties, and motorcycle rallies. Her speeches are designed to inspire women to take up motorcycling for the first time, or inspire current riders to spend more time in the saddle by creating new riding goals. Genevieve speaks to both women and mixed gender groups. See a list of current and past speaking engagements.

Click here for a 90-second video teaser of Genevieve Schmitt speaking at a dealership ladies event. You will need to let the video buffer for about 10 to 15 seconds before pressing the play button so the video plays smoothly.

What She Offers:
Genevieve has a menu of three speeches that can be targeted to women or mixed gender audiences. Or, she can work with you to develop a speech that meets the goals of your event. In addition, Genevieve emcees events and moderates panel discussions. For a complete list of what Genevieve has been a part of, visit her personal Web site.

Genevieve can come to your dealership and work with you on developing a marketing strategy that effectively targets women in your community. This includes:
– Educating on why you need a womens event and then helping you organize it
– How to market an event, both mixed gender and women only
– How to sell to women, including educating on the differences between the genders in the powersports arena
– How to bring in more female customers to your dealership
– Making your dealership appealing to women without turning off men

Aftermarket Companies:
Genevieve is available to consult with makers of motorcycling-related products on everything from the design of the product – what women riders and passengers want – to how to market and sell the product.

No one else in the industry has his or her hand on the pulse of the womens motorcycling market than Genevieve Schmitt.

Partial Client List
Harley-Davidson Motor Company
Yamaha Motor CorporationKawasaki Motors Corporation
Helmet House
Ohio Bike Week

To contact Genevieve directly, please call 406.333.4491, or email gschmitt@womenridersnow.com

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