Ridley Upgrades Warranty for 2008

Also, new models include trike

Ridley Motorcycle Company, a manufacturer of automatic motorcycles, is providing a new warranty program on its 2008 models. The new warranty, called “2 Year Plus,” provides 25 months standard on all 2008 models and is not limited by mileage. In addition to the “2 Year Plus” program, the new models come with an additional 12 month option. This gives the buyer 37 months of total available warranty from Ridley.

WRN#39;s Genevieve Schmitt test rode a Ridley. Visit the Motorcycle Reviews March 2007 archives to read the story.

“This warranty goes beyond what most every domestic manufacturer will offer,” said Clay Ridley, president and founder of Ridley Motorcycle Company. “We manufacture each Ridley by hand in our factory in Oklahoma City. So, we believe in the quality of our automatic motorcycles.”

The program is backed entirely through Ridley Motorcycle Company. The company chose to back the warranty, instead of turning it over to a third party, so that all initial coverage will remain the same throughout the life of the warranty.

“Increasing our warranty is a way of showing Ridley stands behind our motorcycles,” said Jay Ridley, vice president of Ridley Motorcycle Company. “Many manufacturers will farm out their warranties to other companies, but we prefer to work directly with our customer with any service issues that may come up.”

The 37 month program is available in three phases. The first 12 months, all warranty items are covered 100 percent regardless of mileage. The standard warranty is continued for the next 13 months with no mileage limit and no additional cost to the buyer except a $100 deductible. The Ridley 12 month extended warranty is available at an additional cost of $595 and a $100 deductible keeping the unlimited mileage opportunity open.

The design of the Auto-Glide Trike is extended from the Auto-Glide Classic with its 4.2 gallon stretched tank. The Auto-Glide Trike will begin shipping to Ridley Dealers in mid-December 2007.

Ridley is introducing many new model options for 2008 including a redesigned Sport, a completely new Auto-Glide standard model, and an automatic, three-wheeled, limited edition “Trike.” Base model prices range from $13,995 to $25,995. Ridley Motorcycles are sold throughout the world. Its dealership network spans more 60 US markets, Canada, Puerto Rico, the Philippines and Japan. Ridley is looking to expand into the majority of the EU member countries in the near future.

For more information on Ridley Motorcycle Company including dealership information visit RidleyMotorcycle.com.


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