REV’IT! Lamina GTX Ladies Motorcycle Jacket and Pants

Comfortable, protective, vented, and waterproof all-weather adventure motorcycle gear

By Sarah Schilke, Photos by REV’IT!, Sarah Schilke, and Jeremie Sloan

REV'IT! Lamina GTX Ladies Gear

Rev'it! Lamina GTX
REV'IT!’s Lamina GTX Ladies jacket and pants offer riders a high quality, well-fitting waterproof riding suit comfortable on the street and off-road.

The REV'IT! Lamina GTX Ladies jacket and pants make for a well-fitting and functional all-weather adventure suit that also works well for day rides, touring, and commuting. With the jacket at $679.99 and pants at $499.95, the suit is well priced for waterproof, protective gear that is loaded with features.

What is Laminate Construction?

There are plenty of “all-weather” riding suits on the market, but only a few manufacturers make one that is completely waterproof on its own. The  waterproof GORE-TEX layers are laminated directly to sturdy shell materials and use waterproof zippers. Some laminate suits are heavy and stiff due to the laminating process, but this suit is lightweight and also breaks in well.

Another problem with some waterproof laminate suits is that they try to minimize water getting by using few or no vents or vents that don’t pull air in well. REV’IT! has developed a vent design that combats this problem in the Lamina GTX.

waterproof Lamina GTX
Since the layers are laminated together, the suit is waterproof on its own. No need to carry a separate rain suit or waterproof layer with you—the water will bead up and roll right off.
Rev'it! Lamina GTX water crossing
Water crossings are no problem when your suit deflects the water!

REV'IT! Fit and Finish

Sarah Schilke Rev'It! Lamina GTX Women Riders Now
I am a fan of REV'IT!’s consistent sizing and fit across the line. True to form, the Lamina GTX jacket and pants fit me perfectly right off the rack. At 5 feet 4.5 inches tall and 145 pounds, I wear a size 38 jacket and pant in everything I own from REV'IT!.

The Lamina GTX suit was developed by women adventure riders and an almost exclusively female design team. REV’IT! implements its “360-degree design process." The pattern was taken directly to the 3D bust for development before introducing it to the materials. This provides a 3D female-specific fit that is not scaled down from a male pattern. The company calls this collaborative effort “Design by Dialog.”

Rev'It! Lamina women's jacket
Available in sizes 36 to 46 in Blue-Blue or Grey-Black for $679.99, the Lamina GTX jacket is typical of REV'IT!’s European cut. The company’s jackets tend to be narrow in the shoulders, chest, and waist with a longer torso and sleeve length. Women with a smaller waist and broader shoulders may want to size up.
Lamina women's jacket
The jacket offers some nice features like gussets at the front and back of the shoulders to help with movement, adjustable straps at the waist, a storage pocket in the rear (in addition to 5 other pockets), and a cinchable neoprene collar.
Lamina GTX pants
The Lamina GTX Ladies pants retail for $499.99 and come in Black-Anthracite. There are three lengths with various sizing; Short 38-42, Standard 36-46, and Long 38-42. The adjustable Velcro leg gusset enables the pants to be adapted to various boot styles.

Top Performing Safety Features

The Lamina GTX Ladies jacket and pants offer top-tier CE AA rated protection. The jacket features CE-level 2 SEEFLEX armor at shoulders and elbows and comes standard with a REV’IT!’s proprietary CE-level 2 SEESOFT AIR back protector. The pants feature the level 2 SEEFLEX armor in the knees and a lower profile CE-Level 1 SEESMART armor at the hips.

I like a jacket and pants that zip together to prevent the jacket from riding up (or the pants from riding down!) The REV’IT! Lamina GTX pants and jacket feature both short and full-circumference connection zippers, and the pants have a cinchable waist.

Lamina connection zipper
In the summer I use the shorter connection zipper to get airflow around my waist. In the winter I use the full circumference zipper to keep cold air out.

Stay Cool and Comfortable

When the temperature heats up, it’s common for waterproof suits to trap heat in. REV’IT! Lamina GTX maintains its waterproof qualities and includes a unique venting design. In hot, dry weather the rider can use a mesh front zipper instead of the main zipper to flow in a lot of air right to the chest. The jacket also has bicep vents and lower back rear vents. When open, I feel the air circulating around my torso.

The Lamina GTX pants have long front leg vents and corresponding rear exhaust vents. The zippers are tucked up under a thick ‘hood’ that works to direct air into the vents when they are open. All of the zippers you may need to deploy while riding feature big pulls that are easy to find and use with gloves on.

Lamina GTX front vent
For warm weather venting, you can’t beat a mesh front zipper. The main zipper can be left open with the secondary zipper employed, which converts the front of the jacket into a mesh strip. Additional air comes in through arm vents and circulates around the body before flowing out the back releasing the warm air inside the garment.
Rev'It! Lamina GTX woman rider
The Lamina GTX pants have long leg vents that let a lot of air in, especially when standing while adventure riding. Corresponding rear vents allow the fresh air to flow around the legs and out the back.

Be Seen!

The dark hues of the jackets and pants won’t do much for a rider’s visibility. Thankfully the Lamina GTX includes plenty of reflective patches in front, back, and on the sides of the arms and legs to help with visibility on the road.

WRN Recommendation

Dutch brand REV'IT! Has developed another great do-everything suit for both street touring as well as its intended use: adventure riding. The rugged, well-fitting suit performs well in all weather conditions, and the laminate waterproofing can’t be beat for even the most miserable riding conditions. The subdued colorways and versatile sizing will appeal to anyone looking for a high-quality, well-fitting touring or adventure suit. With reliable fit and function, the Lamina GTX jacket and pants are competitively priced and exceed expectations no matter the riding conditions.

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